Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Terra Twenty Fourteen.

Hello chums!

There is no other way to hit the ground but running, is there?

And run, my fella and I did, on New Year's day. In some sultry sultry conditions, and with a bit of a sore head.

But first, we did some hardcore entertaining.

On the 30th, I hosted my junior colleagues at my house for some wine, cheese and reminiscing about a tough month well managed. They bought me some flowers, bless them. Here they are a week or so later!

Then the fella and I hosted an NYE partee. Low Key. About 12 peeps. That it was low key did not stop me from embracing a rock-chick ensemble with a smokey eye and a nude lip colour. This took a bit of planning and some pre-purchasing (FYI I recommend the Innoxa lip gloss - tastes and smells like coconut).

I worked on both the 31st and 2nd, but gallavanted off to Brisvegas with the fella on the 3rd.

The weather was diabolical. Hot, and humid. I nearly melted.

I had never been to the brizz before, and, notwithstanding the heat, it was nice to walk around.
I am nothing if not tough.

It was interesting seeing all the Queenslander houses in New Farm (there were some bloody big spiders in the trees though), and trundling along the river. No other people were foolish enough to be out.

This sign was also interesting.

Later, we had a wander about GOMA, to see the falling down to earth exhibition. It involved large scale installations and many references to wolves and the number 9. I enjoyed it.

We then went to Art Gallery, to see the California design exhibition. What struck me was that many of the designs that are iconic now (ie Eames etc) were borne out of necessity, using the materials plentiful after WW 2. Necessity is the mother of art as well as invention!

I took no photos here.....I am a bit funny about taking pics in galleries, even though the are allowed. Who is with me on this one?

We took a very hot walk over the bridge, stood in Myer for the cool, and then went to our hotel pool. Later we went to Tartufo for dinner. I am not very easily impressed by food but by golly I was impressed here - I had some chicken liver pate followed by the sand crab linguine.
Again no photos, begging me to ponder the question - if the food is not instagrammed, do the calories count?

On the Sunday, I was lucky enough to meet (separately) 2 enigmatic and even-more-fab-in-real-life lady bloggers.

check the reflection...

And Her.

a shy little blossom....

(Guess who...)

It is wonderful meeting fellow bloggers - I have previously had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn, Philippa and Shauna in real life. P and S even cheered me on at the London Marathon! Kathryn and I did some karaoke in Tokyo together..

You chat like old mates - you already have some of the back story, and have already connected on some level previously....

But now, it is back to work. Back to earth. Hitting the ground running. After the dietary indiscretions of the extended festive period, craving and necessity has made me purchase a pretty penny's worth of fruit and veg. I whipped up some corn and zucchini fritters in the thermie.

I am loving the thermie - lots of tasty and healthy food is whipped up in a flash in that thing....

In exciting news, the fella and I are off to Sri Lanka in Feb, for a longer holiday! To borrow the phrase from FF, 'citing. I am discouraged from taking prolonged (ie over one week) holidays at the same time as the staff with children so Feb it is!

Also here is another gratuitous photo of some french bulldogs. Yes, it might become my thing.

And how about you?

How are you finding getting back to work?
Have you met other bloggers IRL?
Do you dig a rock chick outfit sometimes? A smokey eye?
Are you trying to be fit-n-elfy in the new year? How is that going?


  1. If the pics in a exhibition are a one off then i like to take pictures as a reminder or to share. although the pics dont do them justice. I did a post about Valentino's dresses and I got quite a few emails from fashion students who lived far away in the midwest of the usa and would never get to it that asked me if i had more pics. Smoky eye and nude lip really suit you! x

  2. Hahah that's so cool that you've met bloggers. I don't think I've ever met a person who reads my blog! (probably for the best...)

  3. I love meeting fellow bloggers!

    Happy 2014, m'dear!

    SSG xxx

  4. Hey Cilla, been enjoying your pics on IG!
    Love your smokey eye/nude lip look - I usually go for that look too, although on a daily basis I am very lazy with make-up - just nude lipgloss and bronzer.
    Getting back to work is hard and I am feeling very lazy and unmotivated. I hope this will change soon, but until semester starts I think it's a normal way to feel!
    I haven't met any other blogger IRL, although I did try to meet you!!
    I'd love to hook up one day - it would be great to actually chat to people I feel as if I know from online.
    As for fitness, I never really make any big promises to myself, as my routine is usually quite disciplined all year around....apart from booze!
    I've been chucking back the bubbles and vodka over the silly season, so will now be cutting back to more moderate levels!

  5. getting back to work - bit of a shock but I'm easing in gently
    have met a few bloggers IRL incuding your lovely self :), always a pleasure!
    I have deep-set eyes, so I go smokey and I look like a panda! But you look fierce!
    I'm hoping this is the year I actually start to get fit again - so far so fun with bike rides and swimming, and the scales starting to co-operte too :)
    happy new year!

    1. Just be fabulous. You know you can. I know you can.

  6. So lovely meeting you!!! Sorry Brisbane was so hot for your visit x

  7. Cilla, late on the commentary here! I wrote you a mini essay and the IPad froze...good on you hosting for NYE, even having so little time off. Your trip to Brisbane sounded like you maximised your time. Good work. Did you Love The Emporium Hotel? Don't mean to be nosy...did you stay there? Great you got to GoMA too. And Tartufo is great, too. I am not back to work for a million years, because I am a chalkface worker. But, am otherwise actively engaged in productive past times. The smokey eye + pale lip is a good look on you and others. I have read your following post, stay cracking with the PhD. The wedding frock is a winner, too. Meant to put our Frenchie in my post but forgot, sorry...too busy going on about how much I love myself! Xx