Sunday, 26 January 2014

Postscript. Things I luff.

Call the last post my scheduled whinge.

The comments were good, from a few different angles.

Naomi, I would love to read your thoughts on the issue, your treatise. Perhaps a blog series?

In Cuba, there don't seem to be the same issues. Women walk around like they are Miranda Kerr. They are gosh darn attractive. Women of all shapes and sizes, many of them with luscious curves and big breasts.

I think a large part of that is the lack of advertising there.

A lot of it is confidence.
Confidence is powerfully sexy.
Confidence can't be bought.

I have met people of both genders who I thought were super-attractive. Very few of them, on reflection, were good looking in the cookie cutter sense. What they did have in common was that they were confident and funny. Not cocky. Comfortable in their own skin.

My fella told me that, when we first met, what first attracted him was that I seemed self-assured, and that I was nicely turned-out, wearing a nice dress. Blokes dig dresses.Good blokes dig confidence.

So in recent months, I've been making a real effort to put the glad rags on, accessorise, do my hair, pop some makeup on. Walk tall. It makes a difference to me.

Anywho I have found a few things I really luff. I thought I might share them.

1. St Tropez Spray tan.

I used to use Dove Summer glow to get a bit of colour in my legs. It stank and I had to shower a few hours after I put it on.
This St Tropez Stuff is the Shizz. It sprays on, blends evenly with little rubbing in and is streak free. The colour comes out natural, very similar to my sun-exposed areas. It has a pleasant smell. I luff.

2. Coconuts and other nuts, in my breakfast smoothie.

I have been adding dessicated coconut and almonds to my breakfast smoothie of a morning, a little handful of each. I whizz them up in the thermie as fine as I can get them.
My skin looks better than it has in a while.

Coconuts contain Lauric Acid, a medium chain fatty acid. It has the following very useful properties

  • may increase HDL (good cholesterol)
  • in-vitro: a good treatment of acne (no studies done, but seems to work pour moi)
  • possibly appetite suppressant, and in larger quantities, ketogenic (mild ketosis causes appetite suppression too)

Don't you already feel better?

3. My breakfast smoothie...

3/4 banana (I peel and cut up bananas, and freeze them, which makes lovely smoothies)
small handful of each of almond and coconut
4 strawberries or you can use blueberries or mango. All delish
1 and 1/2 tbs plain yoghurt
1/2 tsp honey
water - about 80 mls.

Whizz your almond and coconut to a fine powder. As fine as you can get it.
Add all other ingredients and whizz. Pour into a very lucky glass. Enjoy. I look forward to this every morning.

4. Dogs. Particularly those that turn their head to side in a charming manner, like this.

I met a dog outside a cafe. It did this little head turny thing. I offered my hand for a sniff. The dog allowed me to pat her. When I walked away she licked my hand, as if to say "I did not say you could stop patting me yet".

The dog was a bitzer - the owner said collie cross lab, probably with a bit of kelpie in there. She had the most beautiful eyes.

I luff dogs.

5. The fact that I am getting muscles in my arms. 

Thankyou to my Trainer, Jacqui.

6. My group training

I do training in a group. My trainer, Jacqui, knows her stuff. I don't say that lightly. She is tough but encouraging. She trains all the yummy mummies and some daddies in the area, in her little gym at the back of her house. Some of the mummies bring their kids along and they play with toys or on the trampoline. One little six year old daughter of one of the mummies sprayed our faces with water as it was a hot day. J should have her on the payroll. A married couple come along of a Saturday Morning, bringing both children. We all keep an eye out for them. It takes a community to raise a child. It is great to see that everyone is included. I enjoy having the kids around.

7. Trying new wine varieties that I haven't heard of.

Albarino, anyone?
Arneis? Mataro? Gavi? Fiano? Torrontes?

If I see something on a wine list that I've never tried before, I usually go for that. I ask the waiter what style it is, what it is similar to. And I drink. Mostly I enjoy them.

8. Pickled onions. Always and forever.

What qualities do you find sexy? Same sex? Opposite sex?
What things do you luff at the moment?


  1. I love st tropez too, although haven't used it in ages.... Too much real sun, bad me!
    I also love trying new wine. I've recently been drinking orange wine (white with skin contact) I love Grillo in particular.
    Aren't you off to Sri Lanka soon?

    1. indeedy I am!
      Have drunk orange wine before, yes.

  2. This post made me smile and gave me food for thought.

    Hope you've had a lovely long weekend.

    SSG xxx

    1. Ha! What long weekend!
      Nose to the grindstone here in PhD land.
      glad you enjoyed. x

  3. OK, more information please - is that St Tropez "Bronzing Spray" or is it actually called Spray Tan? Does one can of it last just for a single application? Do you have to apply more than once? How long does the tan last? I was also a fan of the Dove, but the SMELL!! Pew!

    1. It's called self tan. It's a small can. It has done 2 applications and still feels like there is a fair bit in there. I got a small one to test it out but love it. Moisturise and exfoliate first, as always

    2. Definitely going to give it a try. I'm super-pale and being a redhead I really struggle to get a tan. Ta. x

  4. I am thinking about it in earnest now Cilla!

    But I have also noticed Brasilian women also are very confident regardless of weight but they have advertising. But i love being tanned!

    I want muscles in my arms as well - I really need to start some exercise - I am just so unfit and want to feel strong again.

    I will try adding some more coconut oil in stuff - i used to fry stuff in it but i liked the taste of butter so i would forget to use it as much.

    funny bc this weekend i tried some white wine from vineyards in sussex! yes you read that right and it was very very drinkable. x

    1. Consider it a reader request!
      Re the coconut- everything in moderation! But nice to think what we can add to meals to add value

  5. Laughing at your PhD whinging. You are reminding me of my sister (she is finishing off hers at the moment. She is a vet neurologist and her phd is in something very obscure to do with neural radiology. I think - I just hear "whinge, whinge PhD annoying, whinge").
    I use a Sally Hansen spray bronzer on my legs and elsewhere when needed, it washes off in soapy water and has no smell. But that's because I'm too lazy to be bothered fake tanning. Plus I hate the smell of fake tan, but I do like the St Tropez stuff when I get motivated (such as for a non child oriented beach holiday. Rare as hens teeth around these parts).
    Body image is such a loaded issue. I have to say I think everyone can find fault if they look hard enough. I think I am happier since having babies than before, because I realised it just doesn't matter that much. As long as I look reasonably presentable, that's fine. I have no boobs now due to breastfeeding, and it's not ideal, but I've made peace wtih it. I think if you start picking something out and then fixing it, it's a slippery slope until you look like that Jocelyn woman in New York (the cat lady). You can always find fault. Find the things that are good about yourself and accentuate that, and try to forget the rest. I also find that dressing to suit your actual body, rather than what everyone else is wearing is better. I was thinking the other day that dresses suit so many more women than jeans/ shorts/ pants, but yet we persist with them because it's fashionable. But not flattering. And I think you're right. Men like a girl in a dress. So find a dress shape that suits you and stick with it. So many options in the world, we shouldn't all try to look like each other.
    Glad to hear you like the kiddies at your trainers - I have to sometimes take mine to my trainer, and he's fine with it, and so (appear) to be the others.
    Sorry, very random and rambling, but it's been one of those days!