Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013.

It was a busy lead up. Work, cooking, organising.

There was a bit of anxiety that we would not have enough, or things would go wrong. (My thermie pavlova was an epic fail, I ended up buying one - I had been warned that pavs don't do well in the thermie but the warnings went unheeded, think I might use the trusty hand mixer that proved a success last year)

That anxiety sounds a bit silly now it is all over.

It went well, and it was lovely.

Here are some pics.

my dress.

a bit of prep

Ham - KR Castlemaine - very succulent.

my lovely mum with some Thai Visitors

The crew, outside.
dessert. Brandy Creme Anglaise made in Thermie YUMM

And a gratuitous pic of a french bulldog puppy.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I have been madly tidying, working and doing a spot of shopping.

I have also gotten into the series Breaking Bad...very dark, quite sad, but strangely compelling. Plus I loved chemistry in high school.

Now preps are in full swing for New Years' Eve.

I am off to BrisVegas for a sojourn next weekend.

And you?

How was your Christmas?
What have you planned for NYE?
Have you watched Breaking Bad?


  1. Well the rest looks amazing even if the meringue wasn't the best. Xmas was very pleasant but I don't do anything for NYE anymore I like being at home with the hubbie and a few neighbours pop in and I am more than happy to be in bed at 12:05! I am going to do a marathon of breaking bad next year - cant wait! Happy new year Cilla x

  2. I've watched bit and pieces of Breaking Bad. Loved it. Gets 'worse and worse' or better!!! You know what I mean. Pav and ham looks fantastic!! Your frock is gorgeous. Love the outdoor Christmas lunch setting, quintessential. NYE is at home, happy to say. Friends are up from Sydney for a couple of days. Merry Christmas!! Oh, and love the little Frenchie pup. They are such a unique dog. Stay lovely. Xxx

  3. Love the dress. Food looks delicious. Hope you are enjoying your time in QLD. We'll be between Gold Coast and Brisbane for the next little while.Will keep you posted x