Saturday, 20 October 2018

The Newbie

Hello. It's been a while, and things have changed.

My little boy was born on 4/10. He was due to be whipped out on 5/10, but he had other ideas. My waters broke with meconium stained liquor on the 4/10, hence we were whisked to the operating theatre for an emergency c section.

We had 5 nights in the private hospital, my fella stayed the whole time, and it was the most wonderful little bubble. Our little family.

It seems like he has always been here, but I can't quite believe he is here. It has been a joyful 2 and a bit weeks, getting to know him, getting to know our new selves and navigating our relationship as a family of three.

The days go by in a blur of cuddles, nappy changes, baths and feeds.

I now see people not as adults, but as daughters and sons of mothers and fathers. I am different.

I have put pics on instagram, @c_j_hay, you will need to request to follow.