Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lassitude. Weddings. Thoughts.


This is the explanation.

Melbourne Town is having a heatwave of the variety it has only once every 2 or 3 years. You will note it is 37 degrees at 9pm, and it maxed out at 43 today. It is going to be 41 tomorrow (that 38 is wrong).

Everything takes about twice as much effort in this diabolical weather.

But I still went to Pilates. Or should I say Bikram Pilates....

It's been an interesting week.

On Saturday, I went to a wedding, where I was groomslady.  The wonderful couple rented a house with a big covered deck and a big backyard looking onto a creek with ducks. They had a marquee and catering and bought their own booze. They had a Mr. Whippy van, just for the wedding guests, for dessert. That was awesome.

During the day, I got there at 0800 to start hair and makeup. I fawned over the bride, spent some quality time with the Groom's ma (out from Singapore, a very sweet lady who cooked us fried rice for lunch) and comandeered one of the bridesmaid's hair (she didn't spring for hair so I gussied her up a nice french roll).

Here are some pics...

the grooming started the day before....
0800 and coming at me with a makeup brush...not.impressed.
getting in with the hair
et voila...
the clouds broke later in the afternoon...

fully gussied, bejewelled, with a flower on top.

During the course of the morning, the groom was rehearsing the song to which he was going to sing and strum the bride down the aisle.

He was getting nervous.

I took the opportunity to prescribe some calming medication. That was as strong as I could easily get my hands on at 11am....

I had a fun day, and I enjoyed all of it. I was really thrilled for the couple.

I spent most of Sunday convalescing. It was a big day. The fella went to Singers to do some teaching. Hence I have time to think about the hard issues. That guy who hit the young 18 year old in Sydney in an unprovoked attack, and the young fella died and the guy has been charged with murder...this case...

Here are my thoughts... which I put as my facebook status as I had to get it off my chest before I went to bed.

Apropos this murder charge for the man who king hit the boy who later died.
Will it make an example of the man- probably yes.
Will it give a tiny bit of solace to the victim's family, the fact that he is being charged with murder rather than manslaughter- potentially, though it will be cold comfort to a tragically bereaved family.
Will the murder charge stand up in court- I can't really comment.
Importantly, will the harsher charge being laid decrease the incidence of this egregious crime?
I struggle to see how it would.
The assailants in these cases are young men with impulsive tendencies, more than a few may have a touch of antisocial/ narcissistic PD.
They are more often than not jacked up on alcohol or stimulants.
I very much doubt that this harsh charge factor will go through their heads before they raise a fist.
Harsh sentences- yes, I agree. But we also need as a society to strongly and visibly reject violence. More police on the street. More ads on the Telly- get it into peoples consciousness every day.
Aggressively educate young people at risk of committing these crimes.
We need to do all of these things, not a knee jerk response.
Anyway that is something to leave you with.
I am going to go to bed, put the aircon on in the room, and read a book or something.



  1. I just read through the article now so it is hard to understand how they upped it to murder. Basic tenet of murder is intent. Unless the police found something with their investigations which they aren't telling the media? It is a sad story but not too surprising with the terrible cocktail of ego fuelled martial arts /steroids ( I assume with pics) / and alcohol and drug procuring in Kings Cross.

  2. Forgot to say you look lovely! Love the finish of the makeup and color of dress