Friday, 24 April 2015

A soggy ANZAC day in Melbourne.

Hello, friends.

I am typing from my usual Saturday/Sunday position - ie my desk at work. I am multitasking.
  • Writing up a powerpoint presentation, as usual creating too many slides then having to ruthlessly cut back (all killer, no filler). Googling how many slides ought to make up a 10 minute powerpoint presentation (about 14).
  • Reflecting on my week, and contemplating the existence of the "Fuck You" Fairy*. 
I have been "on leave" writing my PhD. However I have dealt with some work things via email. It is a toss up as to which is more painful: writing the PhD or dealing with things from work on a week off.

I am feeling marginally guilty about not having made it to a dawn service, but reflecting on how lucky I was to be able to visit Gallipoli in June last year. I have been looking back through my photos.

Lone Pine Cemetery
The trenches - sometimes they threw grenades, sometimes food and cigarettes
ANZAC Cove from afar

It was surreal, walking along that beach, imagining the Diggers landing.
My favourite picture, a verse that resonates with me.

And now to get back to it. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, wherever you are.

* The Fuck-You fairy is a tongue in cheek thing I made up. Basically it refers to the force that acts when you have made peace with what is and made plans. The fairy flies in, says "fuck you" and you have to change your plans again. The fuck you fairy is not a bad thing, it is kind of like Murphy's law.

What is your version of the fuck you fairy?
And what are you up to this weekend?

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Fighting back with a bit of awesome

To paraphrase Carly Findlay.

The work pressures continued over late last week, and they were making me feel overwhelmed.

I took the weekend to have a good look at what was going on. To take a few deep breaths and make a plan. To see that the anticipation was worse than the actuality.

I took myself off to Crossfit this morning, when the only sensible thing to do was stay in bed. (Brrrr chilly 6 degrees.)

Among other things, I did this.

That is all for now

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Keeping the equilibrium.

In times of stress, I feel I need to very deliberately offset the stress with nice things.

For instance, I spent all Sunday, alone in my work office, working on my PhD. It is in many ways like the last phases of a marathon - you can see the finish but it is hella painful.

I am on leave next week to spend some quality time with this bad boy.

Hence, last Saturday was active relaxation time. I went to a nice local shop called Village Vineyard, the owner of which is a lovely lady whom I have met socially

I only bought the essentials

I got my Namaste on at Yoga.

I got my eyelashes tinted and permed (PS it's awesome), and had a facial. PS. My skin is still a quagmire, despite multiple measures. I see the dermatologist next week. Unfortunately anything very effective for acne is also a no-no when trying for a bub.

I have been doing plenty of exercise. Yesterday I did some pull-ups. Granted they were assisted by a big elastic band around my feet to take some of my weight. However I was super-excited. I have also been lifting heavy weights and perfecting deep squats. Very challenging to the balance.

Here are my badass hand grips which helped my hands not to be chafed to shreds

But some more very stressful news this afternoon sent me into a bit of a tailspin.
It really is a matter of quickly trying to claw the sanity back, psychologically.
The stress acutely intensified my gratitude for the very excellent things in my life. The acute stress lasted an hour or so, then I could raise my eyes above it.

Life really is about trying to keep mental equilibrium among all the vicissitudes. Much like I need to keep my balance while doing awesome crossfit moves by making rapid postural corrections.

How do you regain your equilibrium after a stressor?

Monday, 6 April 2015

And she has risen.. I think.

Just like Mr. Christ needing a few days and being right as rain after, I am definitely feeling better for a few days off.

I made the decision early not to do any work on my thesis over the long weekend.
Instead, I had a mostly "shouldless" weekend.

I ate some restorative bacon - Lolo and Wren is a great cafe in West Brunny. Bacon really does make things better.

I binge-watched this.
Love these Girls.

I did some crossfit.

Not me. From

My ankle was a bit better.

Less cankle, more ankle.

Hence I went for a run. Only 15 minutes or so, but it was good

Not me either.

I ate chocolate till the desire to eat chocolate was exhausted.
(I am doing a mindful eating thing - it is suggested that we give ourselves the licence to occasionally eat as much as we like of something yummy - we often eat less than we think we are going to.)

And dusted off a bottle of this, and drank. It was delicious.

I spent some time with my fella. I encouraged him to take a couple of days away from working. He did as he was told. Time to reconnect.

I caught up with Nicole for an Indian Feast.

I did some hard-core decluttering, and have a big pile of stuff to sell to a clothing store.

Though coming to work and casting my eyes over the piles on my desk made me want to jab a pen in my eye sigh, I am building up a head of steam again. I have a week "off" in a couple of weeks, actually to write my thesis and attend some appointments. There are conferences interstate and overseas coming up in the next couple of months.

Thank you all so very much for your very lovely comments on my last post. It helped me get up and dust myself off.

How were your Easter Weekends?
Do anything interesting?