Tuesday, 21 January 2014

First World Issues

I am finding myself overwhelmed and irritated by first world issues today.
Let me regale you with some of them

  • The stuff on the last post. I emailed the tour provider outlining the situation and she said that once a travel package is assembled, it is non refundable. I am asking a few more questions. I am vacillating abit....thinking I would prefer to experience South America without the crowds, I think. I will sit on it for a day or so.
  • I am suffering from TTOM. That just makes everything worse.
  • I am suffering from bitchtastic allergies.
  • Treatment of allergies taken last night is making me groggy today
  • My back is sore and I might not be able to go to running. I am overwhelmed with what other exercises I might do. I want to go for exercise as I feel ratty
  • The coffee I bought was too strong
  • This thesis writing business takes too darn long.
  • They have put biscuits in the office biscuit jar and I just want to eat them all
  • I forgot my nectarine to munch on
  • I left my birkies at my friend's wedding house and I can't be bothered going to pick them up today but I miss them......
  • I don't look as good as her below, when I cry.

And I am sure I will think of some more before the day is out.

Naomi I think I have fixed the thing you are talking about.

But some first world issues are important.

Last week my mum, who works with people with intellectual disabilities, was telling me about a person she works with who has no money for any clothes, shoes or undies, hence the workers have been chipping in. They don't get paid much.

I was bothered by this and felt sorry for the person.

So, after asking mum a few questions about the persons size etc, I bought some cheap and cheerful clothes over the internet for the person, and arranged them to be delivered to the person in their home. Mum tells me the person will be very excited to receive them.

That just puts it all into perspective, does it not?


  1. C!!
    I feel your pain.

    But it is amazing how good it feels when you help someone else in the midst of your own first world dramas

    SSG xxx

  2. you are a kind girl to buy and send those clothes xx

  3. LOL this was just what I needed to read today - J and I have been arguing about a) whether he gets a motorbike or I (actually WE) get a couch and whether we go to South America or Europe next year. We are officially absolutely out of touch with reality and need a good smack! :)

  4. sooo sweet of you darl - those little things can make such a huge impact on someone. I still remember this kind lady who helped me carry my bags when I had no idea what the heck was going on when I was 16. PS hope your allergies get better - can't bear them either x