Friday, 4 January 2019

Three months! Impending festival of forty.

And happy new year to you all!

Today, our wee man turned three months! A very auspicious time, marking the end of the 4th trimester, then end of the neonatal period. I am told it gets easier from here on in. I think each era comes with its delights and challenges!

He is growing fast, every time I look at him, he seems to have changed. I try to take note.

The first day of the year is 2 months out from a birthday. This year I am turning 40. The zero birthday is a good nudge to take stock of our life, our health. I know a number of people who struggle with serious illness, and I do not take my health for granted at all. I am fortunate to have an exercise that I love. I have accepted that I will always be fitter than I am thin, and probably stronger than I am fast.

I also accept that the 10kg of pooch is going nowhere fast. I know myself to know that eating a little less and moving a little more is going to do bugger all. I am noticing the extra weight in my knees, my feet and my chub rub.

People might say "be kind to yourself, you've just had a baby". This is true. I am kinder to myself - when I see a photo of myself with my baby, it is more of "jeez I look happy" rather than "jeez I look fat". Doing things to make myself look and feel better, even though uncomfortable at times, is not necessarily and act of unkindness. It's a fraught and complex issue.

I have booked us in for a trip to Phuket and Singapore in March (avoiding Bali - it is a bit too seismically active at the moment). That will be a good time limiting marker with which to get the rig in better order.

I have also sprung for some good skin care, and I will book in with the dermatologist. I might need a bit of ironing out - botox no, laser possibly.