Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Things I do when thesis writin'.

I had set myself a goal to write the first two chapters of my thesis in January.

Of 2013.

That did not occur.

More pressing things came up....such as ....uhhhh....

You see, I am used to having lots of things to do which need to be done now. Things with a date of out there somewhere are very, very hard to get done, you see.

But, to my credit
  • I probably don't actually need to write chapters 1 and 2 till full on writing mode (ie after project finished) but I would really like to get the bits I can write done soon.
  • I have written a few papers relevant to my thesis and also written the grant application, so the ground work is done, hence the first couple of chapters may be largely cut and paste jobbies.

Today I have given it a red hot go. I have strapped myself to the proverbial beast.

And I find it hard to focus.

I have gotten SOME writing done but here are some other things I have attended.

  • Drank 2 cups of instant coffee. Moccona. Thought about buying some proper coffee for my den. Think it ought to be Jasper coffee. That's what the cool kids drink around here.
  • Thought a lot about that poor mother and daughter who died in Bali..... How? Why?
  •  Found myself a dress to buy to wear to an upcoming wedding this weekend. The invitation states "beach chic". The forecast is for 26 degrees and sunny. What do we think?
    I am getting hair and makeup done with the bridal party because I am groomslady. I didn't even have makeup done for my own wedding, so this is exciting. I am somewhat less excited about having to drive to the location at 0800 and pay $$$ for the privilege...oh well, not something I do every day.
  • Thought about the food I wanted to eat, including (but not limited to) Salt and Vinegar Chips, Caramello koalas, Rum and Raisin Icecream. It is always tempting to nibble while writing, but it is the time when it is least needed.
  • Done some stretches of my hip flexors. Because they get tight. And that causes all manner of problems. Walked outside in the sunshine.
  • Looked at Facebook. Looked at my email accounts. Repeat x24000.
  • And actually done some things that needed to get done. 
  • Panic about a disabled citation manager. Emailed IT. Worked it out myself. Email IT again. Despair at my lack of computer skills.
  • Tried to get colleagues to collectively book 5 star accomm at a conference in KL. Did not convince them. Booked 4 star accomm with them.
  • Ate my self-packed lunch. Felt virtuous.
  • Looked at flights for aforementioned conference. Need passport details...
The day's been quite productive....


  1. Sounds like one of my typical days Cilla! I even vacummed once to delay doing some work - and I haaattteeeee vacuuming with a passion. I don't like getting my make up done for some reason. I draw the line at mascara - I put on my own mascara even if it could be Bobbi Brown herself. Good choice re dress!

  2. Enjoy the wedding!

    KL sounds great. We are planning a conference thingy for May.

    SSG xxx

  3. oooh nice dress!
    nothing minor about a disabled citation manager! That's a genuine crisis!

  4. Love that dress! Have fun at the wedding x

  5. I do stuff like that when I have to do drafting. I hate drafting - it's so boring.

    Think the dress is pitch perfect.

    The mother and daughter in Bali thing has been on my mind too. I can't say I'm going to be rushing to Bali for a holiday any time soon, what with all the methanol in drinks/ bombings/ bag snatching/ hold ups etc. I was last there 20 years ago, and I suspect it's changed a lot (and not for the better either). xx