Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wine (or lack thereof). Weekends. Boss Shoes.

Happy Monday to you!

It was a bit of a quiet one this past weekend. The fella is still suffering at the hands of Mr. Jetlag, and after dinner he is three sheets to the wind. Still, he prefers to fall asleep on the couch rather than go to bed like I tell him. Bless.

Apart from a tease of sunshine on Saturday Morning, Melbourne put on some of its most spectacularly shitty winter weather. Rainy and miserable. This only exacerbated the urge to stay inside with arse planted firmly on the couch.

However, as I am doing Run Melbourne on the 21st of this month, I got myself out for a longer run - I managed just under 10km along the beach path. Going out was windy and going back was rainy, but I managed to get up to Green Point in Brighton to take this pic. If you squint you can see the bathing boxes.

That was my longest distance since March. I tolerated it quite well, though I hadn't had enough to eat or drink before and felt a bit sick after. Rain and cold can hide impending dehydration quite well.

Sunday involved a sleep-in and a drive to charge up the fella's car battery. We headed along the coast and got as far as Mt. Eliza.

The Mornington Peninsula is a very emotionally-laden place for me. My ex-husband lives there, as does a man I dated who fucked me over hurt my feelings - I wrote about that here. So I tersely said to the fella "ok, I think we've gone far enough, we can turn back now".

Later, I gave my fella an explanation for that episode of weirdness. I suggested that we could do a winery tour of the Mornington Peninsula. Something that would cognitively reframe the area for me, and give me some nice memories and feelings about it.

And, speaking of wine, I am proud to say that I have not fallen at the first hurdle, and have remained alcohol free this past weekend. This was despite having a super busy day on Friday, with many of the usual Friday Frustrations. I met the fella for Mexican and could not find a park around Richmond for love nor money, so I ended up parking ages away. Alas, only a virgin Margarita.

But Holy freakin Hell what I would not have given for a nice glass o'red on Sunday afternoon. Something to warm me up from the inside.

I have noticed that I don't look forward to food as much when it will have no alcohol with it. Wine really heightens (perhaps artificially) my enjoyment of food. I eat more when I have wine.

All useful things to note.

I will get there. I will do this. And now I will segway into a bleat for donations. Click here for the link. Cancer Research. St Vincent's Hospital. Super good cause etc.

And now, behold a picture of my new shoes. You will agree they are boss. BOSS I tell you.

With only sockettes. My feet are chilly as. The jeans I got for $19 at coles (mix apparel). Bargasm.

Now tell me -

Are certain areas no-go zones for you because they make you sad? 
Do you have a pair of boss shoes?
Do you run?


  1. You have fabulous shoes. I miss Melbourne shopping like I miss my reckless youth.

    I RUN. I am planning on doing the Auckland marathon in November. It's a stressful thought right now, but I think I have it in me.

    1. I bought the shoes in Hong Kong.
      Fuck yeah you have the marathon in you!

  2. Love your shoes! Good luck with the marathon and dry July . Running a marathon (or half) is on my bucket list.