Friday, 19 July 2013

From the department of random...

Hello! How are you? Good? Good.

Happy Friday!

How's your week been?

It's been a bit of the usual for me.

'Cept on Wednesday, instead of going to running group, I went to see Ballet Revolucion at the Arts Centre. This is a dance troupe, with musicians, out of Havana, Cuba.

You're Welcome :D
Some actual dancing.

I actually was lucky enough to go to Cuba in January. I had an absolute ball. One of the things I particuarly loved was the music and the dancing. I salsa-ed my toosh off at any available opportunity.

This was actually more contemporary/ballet/hip hop, set to live pop music. Beyonce, Sting, Cee Lo Green, Shakira and others. A little bit of African. But very little Cuban music. This I was a bit disappointed about. Cuban music does not fail to get you dancing. Or chair dancing, as the case may be.

Yet the mastery in the dancing could not be denied; these were beautiful dancers, and amazing to watch. We were third row from the front (I booked in Feb) and we could see every twitch of the muscle. We saw the sweat dripping from them. We saw all their little grins. They were great performers as well as being technically great dancers. The fella second from right in the top picture was the best of the lot, all of his moves just contained....un pequeno mas (a little more...).

Cubans are beautiful to look at. They are all descended from either slaves out of West Africa or Spanish invaders. Hence there is pale, dark, and every shade of bronze (or mulatto) in between. This makes for some stunning, stunning people. These dancers were no exception.

I should add here that there are no "native" Cubans, like say the Incans of Peru. The Taino people don't really exist as a group in Cuba (though there may be descendants). Most of them were killed off by fighting, disease or privation when the Conquistadors came in the 15th and 16th centuries. It is a pity, as, from all accounts from the era, these were lovely, generous people, and murder or aggression were unknown.

We need more of that in the world.

Well that was an interesting aside. Bet you can sleep better at night.

In the spirit of Dry July, getting healthy and generally practicing what I preach, I started tracking my food and drink using the weight watchers app on my iPhone. I decided it was time I got a bit more mindful, the wardrobe fairies have been coming in and sewing my jeans a bit tighter at night over the past year or so. I have even restarted pilates. My abs are a good-sore!

Yet a few days I was really tired in the afternoon, and craving carbs, so some crack was in order:

FYI Furry Friend chocolate is better than Freddo Frog chocolate. 

Speaking of Dry July, I have been good. A golden ticket (exit pass) was bought one day to go out to a dinner, and I didn't go berserk. I am learning to handle dinners out, or chilly Sunday afternoons, or stressful days without a glass of wine in hand. I have also raised over 500 bucks, through harassing friends, family and colleagues.

I had a lovely card from one of my study patients today. She was very excited to give it to me. I told her I would treasure it.

She thought it was hilarious. I agreed.

After receiving an email from a shoe retailer advertising cheap boots, I decided a trip to Northland (Or Norflands as it is known to the locals) was in order. I decided my old pair of black boots needed retiring. Out with the old, in with the new:

Last Sunday, Bastille Day, I bought a bottle of Investment Champagne. And a croissant. As you do.

It will be drank after July.

On Sunday, I will be doing the 10km Run Melbourne event, with a few girls from running group. That evening I have organised a dinner at a gastropub.

I just came across this old pic.

I bet you just squealed in delight. Admit it.
It is Candy the Staffy. The ex got custody and I have not seen her in some time....she had been sick. It was best not to hear anything further. I would prefer to remember her like this, hiding under the table and coming up for a pat and/or food and cuddles.

I will not leave things on a sad note though, no siree

I will leave you with the following questions:

What are you up to this weekend?
And where do you stand on the "double leather" look (ie knee high leather boots with leather jacket)?

I personally won't go there, and these boots have introduced a fashion conundrum with regards to jacket choice.

It's good to see I am considering the important issues.



  1. Ballet looks fab! Never cared for those Mother drinks- although heard the changed the recipe? Am currently toasting to your dry July success. Well done. As for the boots/ jacket combo? I am pro-choice. My weekend will be spent ashore. Should be fun.

    1. I don't want to look like I am wearing a WHOLE cow, only part of one.
      Ashore! Oooh! how exciting!
      Yes, have a drink for moi!

  2. Have a lovely weekend. Good on you for doing Dry July!

    SSG xxx

  3. This weekend for me: volunteering at the local op shop today, as every Saturday (I LOVE it!) then going to the bowls club to help set up for tomorrow's big event, Christmas in July lunch. Tonight I'll begin to prepare finger food for tomorrow (the rest is catered). Tomorrow, I'll help out at the lunch and relax with bowls friends before going to see my son's new apartment for the big reveal since he's had it painted and moved in. A busy weekend, but all good stuff.
    PS I didn't last very long with my Dry July. :( Not proud that I have only had about 5 dry days in the whole month so far. C'est la vie.

    1. Sounds good, Deb!
      Christmas in July... Yum.
      Very hard to abstain when it's cold and there's lots of red wine mmmmmm...

  4. That dance looks amazing - would love to see it! I usually go to Bangara at the Opera House every season, but had to forego it this year....
    Very impressed with your dry July. Mine has been damp ;-)
    Regarding knee high boots and leather jacket, I would say no, but I'm a total fashion git!!
    I'd wear the boots with a pea coat or a trench. They look great, btw!