Friday, 12 July 2013

Under the weather.

It's FAREEEEEZZZING in Melbourne. No cloud, blast chilly nights, sunny days.
But that is one of Melbourne's quirks. Lots of seasons within seasons.

Yet that is not why I am writing.

I am crook. Under the weather. And I can't talk about it.
When you have a lurgy, you can complain. You can give people graphic descriptions of your mucus/ vomitus/ bowel motions.....if you are anything like me :D

In this day and age, you can also share it with 500 of your closest Facebook Friends.

I am feeling bloody crook, and there are precious few people I can talk about it with. My fella. A close friend. One understanding work colleague.

I feel dizzy all the time. And headachey. I am easily tired. I am usually fit but my muscles ache when I go up stairs or lift some washing.

The worst thing is the nausea. Some stomach cramping, diarrhoea. Irritability. My tastebuds are  not tasting things properly (my medicinal freddo frogs have tasted funny lately).

Last couple of days, I have had to take the afternoons off and go to bed. I feel a bit better after a nap but if I start exerting myself (ie doing the washing) I feel crook again.

With my fiendish attention to hand hygiene, colds are a once yearly occurrence for me. This is the sickest I have felt in a while.

I don't really feel that comfortable taking work time off, even though I am no good to man nor beast when I feel like this.

I have what is referred to in the business as SSRI discontinuation syndrome.

Yes, my nice little specialist has given me the green light to come off the Sunny D's and I am feeling reasonably confident to do it. I weaned the dose properly.

I don't remember feeling this lousy last time. Those little serotonin receptors, ubiquitous in the body, are yelling a collective tiny "what the fuck???"

I will get through it. It will get better. Just need to look after myself. Which I am much better at, nowadays.

If you are crook, I hope you feel better soon. And big virtual hugs through the cloud!


  1. You need to come to the Mayr! Get well soon

  2. Oh no, poor you, Cilla! I hope you feel better v soon.
    I'll join you at the Mayr with Naomi!

  3. Sounds fab Ruth.
    We can be the naughty girls caught sneaking off for cheeky chardies

  4. Get better soon, Cilla! Preaching to the choir, I know, but make sure you consume copious amounts of water. Wash those slimy toxins out of your system. Virtual hugs.

  5. Aw, no! :( You poor thing. Feeling under-the-weather absolutely blows... I hope you feel better, and very soon!