Sunday, 21 July 2013

Run Melbourne Race Report. Plus Recipe.

Howdy pardners!

Hope all the Bowling and time Ashore or whatever you did on the weekend was enjoyable.

I joined the army of 20000 people in lycra to do Run Melbourne yesterday. They had 3 events on offer;  5km, 10km and Half-Marathon (21.1km) races.

The forecast was for rain and hail. Instead we were treated with this vista over the Yarra:

The good old Melbourne weather Bait and Switch....gotta love it.
It was FAREEZZing though and a few of us girls from run group were huddled up at the start line.

I have really got back into the running. My goal this year is to do my best 10km time (sub-60 minutes is my Everest).

I took almost a year off after running the London Marathon in 2012, as I had some lumbar nerve root injuries, and plus I got a bit lazy about it. However later last year I got serious about rehabbing and slowly got back into it. I re -joined running group a few months ago. I find I am more likely to stick to an exercise regimen if a. I have paid for it, and b. it is at a set time and c. if people are expecting me to be there. Yes 9 times out of 10 before a session I have an attack of the CBFs, but I nearly always feel better after the session.

Anyway back to the race. It was a fairly packed event, with a convoluted course, lots of dog legs and everything.

But if you know Melbourne, you will agree it is quite scenic. And we go DOWNHILL on Anderson street.

I started out running with a group mate but I find it is nearly always best if I do it at my own pace. Hence, as she was bearing ahead of me, I yelled "just go, run!".

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the weather and some of the bands that dotted the course. Early on, there was an opera singer. Later there was a DJ playing Eminem's "Lose Yourself" (love that ditty), some African drummers, and some brass musicians playing the Rocky theme. There was also a band playing Bruno Mars "Amazing" - not what I would have thought typical, but it was appropriate.

I cheered on some folks who looked like they struggled - there was a blind runner with her companion, so I gave her a cheer.

I high-fived the volunteers, God love them, they are enthusiastic. I love it when a line of them put out their hands and you run past and high five all of them.

Though I love the atmosphere of a mass-participation event, I never fail to get annoyed with some people who do stupid things on the course. I am a stickler for the rules during these things. I have seen some nasty tumbles.

Like the people who walk from the start and don't start at the back.

And those who duck and weave quickly through the course. It's dangerous.
And people who yap on their phones and walk arm in arm five abreast.... Annoying as hell.

After the 5km mark, I had a lady come to a complete stop in front of me. I yelled "careful".
She said "sorry" then muttered "fuck off"
I said to her "beg your pardon?"
She muttered "you heard".
I COULD have gone all ghetto on her, but I decided to do the thing that would piss her off the most, and that was to keep running, ahead of her. I didn't get the last word, but I kind of did...

Given that I had not been running that distance consistently recently, I was glad that I was able to keep up the running throughout most parts. I had to walk at a part under a bridge that was a bottle neck. Also, there was an overpass that gets all bouncy and I hate running on bouncy things so I walked 100 metres. Then, just after 9km, there was a big hill and I walked part of that.

I like to go all-out in the last 1/2 to 1 km, really empty the tank. I saw a lady walking through the finishing chute and I yelled at her "RUNNN" and she duly picked up the pace, thanking me as she ran past me.

I was quite happy with my time, with an average pace a little under 7 minutes per kilometre, sparing the walking/drink breaks. It is something that I can work off.

To this end, I have signed up for the Sandy Point 10km in a few weeks, plus the Melbourne Marathon 10km event in October. I would like to do the spring into shape series as well. I find fun runs very motivating. I will do some longer runs in the 12-15km distance range, as these will make me very comfortable running the 10km - I think I struggled a little in the last few km.

I am always very tired after a race and need a shower and a lie down. I did not feel like eating out so instead I made some of these bad boys:

The glob on the bottom right is some guacamole from a tube! I KNOW RIGHT!!

This is my healthier version of Nachos. I adore nachos, and indeed all Mexican food, but it is calorific.

I start with some corn tortillas. I freeze them so they don't go all mouldy. 4 small ones were used here.

I cut them into wedges, and spray them with a good amount of olive oil and then sprinkle over some salt.

I put them into an oven at about 200 degrees till they are golden. They come out all crispy.

I then arrange them on a plate, and pour over some salsa. If I am in the mood for a more substantial meal, I use the old el paso bean mush or some mexe beans. You can put some chilli con carne or chicken strips here too. I top with a little grated cheese (low fat if that is your thing) and then grill till the cheese is melted.

I add some chilli sauce and guacamole.
And then I nom.

So, over to you:
Have you ever done a fun run?
Are you a stickler for or enforcer of the rules?
And do you like Nachos? (Rhetorical question. Everyone does)


  1. Huge congrats to you on running this!
    It must be such a great feeling to get past the line at the end!

    I hate running and try to avoid it at all costs!
    I've tried to get into it, as it's free and a great way to exercise, but I just hate it. I love walking, so just stick to that for my daily exercise.
    Now for the really shocking confession:
    I hate nachos! In fact, I hate Mexican food in general! Shocking, isn't it? I love almost all types of food except for Mexican. I'm not sure why, but I think it's a combination of the avocado (yuck), corn chips (double yuck) and those awful beans!
    Give me a bowl of rice and fermented soya beans any day!

    1. Oh NOOOOOOO!
      Some of the more authentic mexican food is less based on corn/beans/guacamole, and is a bit less stodgy.
      If you get down to Melbourne, I can take you to Mamasita, if you are game.
      I am not so much a fan of Japanese. My favourite Asian cuisine is probably Vietnamese or Malaysian, or Thai.

    2. I love Japanese food! I lived there for 5 years, so that's probably why.
      I ate 'good' Mexican food when I lived in the US, but even that I didn't enjoy. I guess I'm just a freak!

  2. I could eat Mexican every day! Especially now...

    1. I bet!! Hang in there!

    2. Mexican food could be a good cleanse, if you cut out the cheese.
      Corn, tomatoes, chillies, coriander, beans - all good.
      Mole sauce contains dark chocolate as well.

  3. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not a cardio person but more a weights person but I would to get a serve of nachos! :P

  4. Lorraine, firstly I am soo chuffed that you (bona fide blogstar) comes to visit little old moi.
    Secondly, I say whatever floats your boat, exercise wise, as long as you do it.
    The whole craze at the moment is cross fit. I need to improve my upper body strength.