Sunday, 28 July 2013

The fourth weekend in July

July, thou art a fecking cold month.
Thou art dark too. And rainy.
And this year no wine

Hey I think that is almost a Haiku.

Hi, how YOU doin? How was your weekend?

Thankyou for all your insights re: the royal family and the royal baby. It is different strokes for different folks and I enjoy all points of view. 'Cause thats the way I roll.

Did we just not have a weekend? Gosh it went by fast.

On Friday, my clinic had been cancelled so I did my work in the morning and played hooky in the afternoon (and dragged the fella with me). We went to see the Afghanistan exhibition at the Melbourne museum. As you could imagine, it was quite a small collection of treasures. The Russians and Taliban had blown up a few museums and rendered lots of archeological sites unsafe / useless over the years. A pity, as, with it's strategic position on the Silk Road, Afghanistan is an historically rich place, with Greek, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern influences.

What survived, though, was lots of gold blingy stuff.

You would not normally associate such beauty with Afghanistan....It is a shame.

I joined the fella to have some beverages at the pub with some of his work colleagues.
Much needed chips and nachos were eaten.

Unfortunately I was really grumpy from a frustrating morning. Seeing others enjoy their wine made me even more grumpy. So I thought "Fuckit, I am buying a golden ticket". I got shouted a couple glasses of wine. Then a third. Strangely, I could not finish it. I was just....full. I know wine and carbs go into different stomachs (It is a medical fact) but it just wouldn't go. Interesting.

On Saturday morning, I went for a longish run with my mate Deb, who is training for the half. The run was notable for a. being slow b. inducing underarm chafing and c. seeing a little dog dangle by its jaws from a stick that its mistress was holding up. Kind of like this dog here:

Funny little dog!

Saturday evening the fella and I went to see Behind the Candelabra. Michael Douglas deserves an Oscar for it. Matt Damon was pretty good too. It portrayed the relationship between Liberace and his toyboy lover more sympathetically than I would have thought.

Sunday involved a visit to a friend and her 3 month old girlbaby. The bub was a tad fractious, so I busied myself assembling lunch then a banana cake. Because all good family homes need the smell of baking in them on a weekend winter's afternoon, no? After a feed, the baby graciously bequeathed me some Aunty cuddles, but did not look terribly interested in the cake baking in the oven.

My fella is big into music, and last night, we went to see a gig by a mini-hipster called Jake Bugg. He gets lots of airplay on Triple J. He sung good, but the banter between the songs was lacking. Maybe it's a hipster thing, or the fact that he is only 19 or something, and may have had his mum lurking backstage. I could not understand a word he sung but his music is very catchy. The audience was full of mini-hipsters. God love them. I asked my fella whether he was a wanna be hipster and he replied earnestly "no, I'm a dirty old man". God love him.

Here is a youtube clip of Jake Bugg. I am very anti-smoking but I concede that this song is quite catchy, and I like the sentiment of holding two fingers up to yesterday, sometimes it helps to let the past go.

I am looking forward to this week. I have just reached a milestone in my study (yay). Dry July is over (yay yay yay). Offspring is on (yay). Me and the fella are approaching our one year anniversary (yaaaaay)

What are you up to this week?
What type of music do you like?


  1. Sounds like a lot of good things! I cuddled a 13 day old baby on Sunday. Was pure joy.

    Also, I LOVED Behind the Candelabra. Amazing. Amazing acting, costumes, script, set. Just all very very good and interesting. It is based on a book by Scott (Matt Damon's character) so I think that would make it more accurate and more sympathetic to both characters. Also the beauty of hindsight means Scott probably now sees Liberace as just a sad old rich messed-up dude. Also! Apparently the relationship started when Scott was REALLY young, like 17 or something. Crazy!

    1. I read that on wikipedia! Dirty old man indeed!

  2. It is a haiku! :D And your other activities sound like a lot of fun! :)

    Back at uni, I got into a habit of drinking too much wine too often (due to having friends who were very fond of wine, and need for calming myself down), but when I graduated and started the relationship with my now hubby, I stopped drinking almost immediately. Nowadays I drink wine every now and then, and in summer I like to dilute it with sparkling water (called "Weinschorle" in German), and it's funny to observe that I really can't drink much anymore. I get tipsy far more quickly and then just have enough.

    I'm currently reading articles in preparation of my PhD in psychology, so this is what I'm up to this week, as the weeks before and likely also the weeks to come. :P Apart from that, focusing on regular eating, relaxation, and spending time with the hubby and the couple of nice people around.

    I'm very fond of music and love playing the piano. I also want to get back into guitar playing, which I started a year or so ago but slacked with it during the past months. It's hard to say which kind of music I like best because it depends on my mood a lot, and I often go for single songs (from different styles) rather than one style in general. However, I can say that I very much like electronic music - downbeat, trip hop, and some deep house things -, some jazz pieces, classical music, and also singer/songwriter stuff plus a couple of pop songs with nice instrumentation.

  3. Well done for your dry July efforts- very commendable. I had an alcohol free week mid-July. Had a hard time finishing the first couple of glasses of wine... but didn't take long for me to reacquaint myself.