Tuesday, 28 May 2013



just got that over with now.

I feel a bit better.

I did my abstract art class yesterday. I would show you some of my paintings but they are not very good. So here is a Kandinsky

Dunno what is called, but the colours are pretty, no?

Abstact art is such fun. It requires real creativity. The possibilities are endless- you have to avoid any symbols, actual images or representations. You can just ...play!
Last night was my first class. It was fun to experiment with the paint, and have a look and see how you can get good effects, and what colours are good together.

Okayyyy. Here is a painting I did. Somebody said it looks like breasts. The colouring reminds me of an Asian restaurant.
Boobs, apparently.       

 Not quite as good as the Kandinsky but it will do for a first effort.

This morning I had been dreading for a couple of weeks, but it actually went quite smoothly. I tried to be organised beforehand and plod through the work methodically. But now I have the feeling of being shot out of a cannon, and don't feel like doing any work.

My back has been really sore. I need to get back into pilates.

Can't wait for my holiday.


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