Sunday, 5 May 2013

Some outfits. Some thoughts.

Hey there, I hope everyone had a good weekend.

I was a bit under the weather on Saturday - it's a long story (no not morning sickness), but am better now. I took it easy on Saturday as I had a big day on Sunday - road trip with the Prof to present some of my work to the other big cheeses.

I think the big cheeses liked it. Apart from one particularly curmudgeonly one. He gives everybody else a hard time. Luckily the other big cheeses dish it back as good as they get it.

Here I would like to present some outfits I have worn... (please disregard sinks - it is the only full length mirror in the building)

1. The rather controversial peg-leg pant
Pants - Asos
Wrap around Cardie - Witchery - 10 years ago
Beads - Country Road - 7 years ago.
Ankle boots - Clarks 4 years ago.

I have to say I am not entirely sure about these pants. They certainly are comfy I will give them that. They are made of a jersey material. Perhaps I need a pair in a stiffer material.

2. Channelling Nina Proudman.

This is my take on the look. Like my sassy pose?
Gratuitous Scarf close up.
Denim Jacket - Esprit - last year
Dress - Sussan - 2 years ago
Ankle boots - seen in previous post
Scarf - Mimco - Saturday (YES I said I was going to be frugal, YES I was, but the fella bought it for me. Cos he wanted to. I graciously said yes, he could)

In anticipation of Offspring being back soon (have already pencilled in a Lady-date in front of the telly with my friend Y) I am style-jacking Nina Proudman. Cept she doesn't wear black much. But she certainly does the denim jacket over maxi skirt thing. And she has a team of stylists perfecting her look, and her couture budget is a bit more generous than mine. I just have my own resources.

I love this scarf, yellow is so cheerful. Yellow and blue are a very cheerful colour combination, made popular some years ago by Vincent van Gogh, who was decidedly cheerless in himself. All that ear cutting off stuff, I tell you..

This denim jacket was a great buy - it is a fantastic fitted rather than boxy cut. I don't do boxy. It makes me look like, well, a box.

You know how I was talking about money recently? How I had decided to embrace frugality? (For instance I cut some runner insoles down and put them into a pair of uncomfy shoes to make them comfy rather than buying a new pair, I know, yeah, revolutionary).

I had a call on Friday afternoon. My financial situation may be changing, for the better.... will not give away too much now, we shall see how it all goes - will believe it when the first payment is in my account. For the moment, Frugal is the Watchword round these here parts.

I am developing a theory.

It goes a little something like this.

If you are longing for things to be different, change them - this takes guts and sometimes ruffles other's feathers. They will get over it. Or not.
Find a place where you are happy. It may not be perfect but it should be "yeah, I am doing fine".
Embrace the circumstances. Make the best of them.
This is the time when nice things tend to occur.

Me - spent months longing for a fella to sweep me off my feet. Then actively made decision to stop longing for things like this, they seemed so hard to come by. Then - whoosh- fella.

Nanna had a plaque thingy she had on her mantelpiece (I miss nanna). It said "things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out". True, dat. Some things just cannot be sugar coated, and are just crap, but most stuff is eminently bearable and potentially, with the right attitude, enjoyable.


  1. I think you carry off both ourfits perfectly!
    I am living the last bit of the post myself - for things to happen you just have to go and do them! Off to put on a scarf now ;

    1. Am very much in favour of colourful scarves.