Monday, 6 May 2013

Stuff I like that other people have trouble liking. And stuff that I don't like that other people do.

I like most things. Most foods. Most people. I am generally quite agreeable. I am sure I will have a rant on this blog about things I don't like. Tony Abbott (strictly speaking a person, not a thing) is one that gets me ranting.

Anyways here is a list of stuff I like that you might think strange.

1. Brussels sprouts
My beloved (now deceased) nanna used to serve these up. She boiled the bejeezus out of them. They were yummy cos everything nanna turned out was. It was the love with which they were made, I think. Nowadays, I sautee them with butter, then lemon juice, add some flaked almonds or pine nuts. Season with salt and pepper. Can't do any better than that.

This little girl's mum had clearly not tried my recipe.

2. Parsnips - I just generally like root vegetables. Beetroot too. I like controversial Vegetables. Peas are awesome.

3. Julia Gillard
Ok bear with me on this one (or I might be preaching to the converted, I dunno....)
  • she is the member for Lalor - Werribee - where I grew up. She lives in Altona. Go the wezza sheilas!
  • Though much less liked by the electorate than Kevin Rudd, Ruddy wasn't very good at playing nicely with the other children - he was a bloody nightmare to work with, by all accounts. JG is far more respectful to her colleagues.
  • Some arguably very good things have been done during her tenure - Carbon tax, NDIS, Mining Tax (could be expanded but still...), Apology to mothers forced to adopt their children, hopefully the NBN will get up. Admittedly a lot of these things have been done at the behest of the Greens. Still, she has got a lot done as head of a minority government, with a lot of hostility from within and without her party. 
  • [Yes there is a lot of stuff that could be improved, I agree - but I don't mind her, that is all I am saying]
    Painting in Bald Archies, JG posed as a lady of the night. A "bit" tongue in cheek.

4. Tinned corn/spaghetti
What is not to love? Taste of my childhood. 

5. Indie Music
I started listening to triple J a few years ago, almost on a whim. I have never looked back. I have learned the wonder of Flume, Bertie Blackman. Other artists like Gotye, Florence Welch and Cee-Lo Green were on JJJ long before they appeared on commercial radio.

6. The F-bomb.
Yes, call me uncouth. But sometimes I love to cuss. Only in appropriate company; the closest people to me have the same potty-mouth that I do.
I marvel at the versatility of the F word - it can be used as a noun, a verb and an adjective. It can be used multiple times in a sentence.
It can be used to express delight (f@#king awesome), frustration (f@#k!!) or anger. To commisserate (that's F@#ked mate) or deride (f@#kwit).

Don't have a lot of time for:
1. The Voice - couldn't get into this. Delta is corny. Rather hear her sing than talk. Delta very pretty though, see:

2. Downton Abbey - didn't get into it. Perhaps I should? I prefer NCIS. Great ensemble drama, although couture not as good as DA I'll admit.

3. Miso Soup - a lot of people are mad for it but I can't deal with it. It repeats on me.

4. Commercial pop - Can't go back after JJJ. No lyrics, no musicality.

5. Womens magazines - meant to be supportive of women, but actually insidiously undermining them a lot of them. And the rest of the articles are very boring. Give me a blog, or pinterest any day. I can get all the interesting info from interesting people for free.

6. Other swear words - Bitch and Slut. I am very comfortable with the F-bomb but not with these two. I had a think about this a little while ago - perhaps it is because they are aimed at degrading women particularly. The F word is unisex. I am all for equality.


  1. Love the Voice (it's our tragic family bonding evening LOL we all yell at the telly), JG and the F-bomb. With you on 5!!!! SO MUCH!!!! and 6, also the c-word. When I was at uni my flatmate used to have her alarm radio tuned to triple R at high volume. She was a very heavy sleeper so I have a bit of trouble with indie radio now

    1. never knew you were a JG fan Alison!
      we should go and drop some f and c bombs together.