Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Setting my intentions for May.

It's a day late but I have been thinking about this for a while.

These are goals that I like
  • short-medium term
  • concrete
  • with an end date
  • achievable
  • with maybe a reward at the end
In the past, my goal was always to "lose weight", never with a sustainable plan or a "how to", and never with an end date. I would be chronically disappointed in myself. All my other goals, like my medical training, were long term and a bit of a slog.

I am going away to Seoul for a conference on June the 21st. So the goal can encompass both months up till June 21. Then I can toast myself at the airport.

My goals are:
1. Go to Korea with no/ minimal credit card debt (less than $200).
How I will do this:
  • The end of April was decidedly un-frugal, with a bit of spending in Sydney. I bought me some pretties - look:
    Pullover from Cue.
    and this:
    knit Tunic from Veronika Maine.
They look great on, but cost a bit. Plus the trip itself, I paid for.
My problem is that, this year, expenses are up and income is down. Though I must emphasise I am not struggling for cash, I do have to watch it a little more closely this year. I grew up with a single mum, and lived out of home on $300 per fortnight (a good 10 years ago, but still) so I know what it is to struggle for cash, in fact, this motivated me to get into a good profession. 
But I digress.
I have to put a lid on the discretionary spending, as I have some nice and not-so-nice but necessary big things I have to pay for.
Here is where I can happily cut back:
  • no more new clothes/shoes. Seriously. I have enough of them. 
  • no buying tickets to expensive gigs/ concerts/ fun runs - with the exception being the Sri Chinmoy race on may 26th. That is cheap and they have pancakes afterwards. Win-win.
  • try to bring lunch to work every day. Or if I forget, making it a cheap meal (simple sandwich) or one I can pick up on the way to work from the supermarket. It is quite easy to spend about $13 on lunch, including a drink. That is $65 per week.
  • Cook at home when I am at home, and using up what is in my cupboard. Planning meals. Buying cheap, seasonal fresh produce.
  • Spend a night in, watching a movie on Fetch-TV. They are usually about $5 or $6 - far cheaper than a movie out. Plus nobody yabbering or kicking the back of your seat.
 2. Get Chapters 1 and 2 of the Thesis written.
I am doing a PhD, this takes up most of my working week. I work for actual money 0.3FTE. I need to be a bit more disciplined (ie not piss about on the internet). But if I give myself an end-date for this, I can get it done. I can get on the plane happy.

3. Go for a swim once a week.
I love swimming - it is so relaxing and helps with my sore back +++. It soothes my sore muscles from running. This is a nice goal. I can do this.

4. Get to bed for 10:30 when I am at home and not doing anything. Perhaps even earlier.
I am one of those folks who needs my sleep - 5 hours doesn't cut it for me. Plus it's getting cold and my bed is warm.

I think that'll do.
I shall check in at the end of this month and then before I go off to Korea.

Anything you'd like to do this month?


  1. Anything you'd like to do this month?

    Yes, find the inclination to write as well and as much as you!

  2. See my first clients in my new practice!
    Not miss one single day of my rehab exercises
    Finish the Japan photo album

  3. I'm thinking of going back to Korea this year too but am wary of the situation with N Korea. On the other hand, I'm running low on all the super cheap but awesome makeup I got last time!