Sunday, 29 September 2013

Couture Conundrums (A closet of clothes and not a thing to wear....)

Hi There and happy Monday to you.

It has been footy finals fever in Melbourne. All of the experts, myself included, come out of the woodwork. I went to a grand final party at a friend's flat in St. Kilda.

The weather was very Melbourne. The usually calm beaches on Port Philip Bay looked like surf beaches. At this time of the year, Melbs can only do glorious days occasionally.

I had hoped that Freo would win, as I love an underdog, but watching their kicking was rather frustrating.... in the end, the Hawks outplayed them.

And that is as much as I have to say about the footy.

On Friday, I went to the shopping centre to check out what is in fashion. I was prepared to splash some cash. The squally weather notwithstanding, I need to summerify my wardrobe.

I also need to inject a bit of colour - going through my wardrobe, there is a lot of black.

I have come to the conclusion that the shops, especially some of the bigger chains (you, Witchery) do not want my money.

There is lots of stuff for the petites (6-10) and a growing collection for 16 and above (this is great), but all of the in-between 12 to 14 styles run out the door, and I come a bit late to the party. I see lots of stuff I love, but my size has run out. Wahhhh.WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY MONEY, RETAILERS?

One sure way to put me in a bad mood is to take me jeans shopping. I often fly into a rage and sulk. Often my size is sold out. I am not comfortable getting a pair online, because I am scared they won't look right.

What I want at the moment is a pair of summer jeans,  in a nice mid-blue rinse.

Levis the bloom legging
The wearing and marks on the denim are not my cuppa tea. Perhaps the Wrangler ones?
Wrangler Twiggy
I've never tried Wrangler, and I don't know how they would sit.

The ones I really want are at Witchery, but they are sold out online (so I can't give you a picture) and hard to find in my size in store.

I would like a nude wedge (that sounds a bit dirty....) What do you think of these?

They are called Wine. They are from Wittner.

Until I find my perfect pair of jeans, and get my Wine Wedges, I will have to make do with what is in my wardrobe. I have some great pieces, but I struggle to style them nicely...

What should I put with this Binny Maxi (aka Nina) Skirt for a long summer afternoon.... a black singlet? Any other ideas?

What about this Gorman Skirt that I got on special a couple of months ago?

And, the biggest conundrum, what can I wear with these shoes? That don't make my legs look stumpy....Have been just doing skinny black jeans....

Come, style mavens.... do your thing. Nikki and Melissa....can you come play?

Do you have a jeans brand that you swear by? Good for bigbumbigthighsshortlegs?


  1. Beautiful skirts!

    I've been stalking modcloth - great designs, nice prices.

    Is that work carpet in the final photo? :-P

    SSG xxx

    1. yes it is indeed, SSG. Well spotted.

  2. I very much like those nude wedges. I miss Wittner :(

  3. Can you wear a neutral pant in those shoes? I never have a things to wear. Despite owning 100 dresses x

    1. Oh I hear ya FF!!
      100 dresses- I hope high end!

  4. Too bad about the jeans selling out. Have you tried Zara jeans? Or Topshop? I feel your pain with the buying of jeans and the general horror of trying to find clothes that fit. I am unable to shop at almost any high street shop in Aus.

    Both your skirts are lovely. How about a grey marle tee? Or a coloured shell top? I think country road do some tops that don't look too bad....
    The nude wittners are lovely too. I've never been in a Wittners as I'm sure they don't do my size, but perhaps I should give them a try...

    1. Zara is horrible for me- they never have my size and even if it is, it doesn't look right.
      Grey marle... I can see that working.
      I will make a purchase!

  5. crazy that most women are 10 - 14 and they are the not treated with the same niche as the petites or larger sizes. Also too true that those sizes always sell out! But they need to realize there are tall 12 and short 12 which are completely different body sizes. i think if they provided this niche the clothing manufacturers would do well although they say it is too expensive...Cant bear jeans shopping - hate it with a passion. I just wear mine out until i am forced to get a new pair. lulu lemons serve me well most days, people think i am a chunky yoga instructor i swear.

    1. Chunky yoga instructor... Hysterical!!
      I agree re the niches for the inbetweeners!

  6. Hmmmm. I'd wear those shoes with shorts. The shorter you can wear the better. Denim or a natural bone sort of colour with brights. Actually an acid yellow or hot pink pair would work too.

    The skirts? I agree on the grey marle/dolman tee or tank. Or any of the brights for some matchy matchy goodness. The second one with a black and white boat neck tee would be cool.

    SO much fun! Get wearing them I say and see where you end up. x

  7. Great ideas Melissa... Will give them a whirl and post! Cheers!