Friday, 4 October 2013

#Friday #avagoodweekend

Hello, from the couch of cilosophy.

Firstly, thank youse all sooo much for your input re my wardrobe conundrums. It was very exciting. I have a nice grey marle tshirt for myself, and I am off to source those witchery jeans I wanted...tomorrow!

I have been on call this week, till 8am this morning, and I have had a few calls. So I am celebrating with a wine, as I type.

On Monday and Tuesday, I caught up with some girlfriends. The first one who has recently had her 40th. We went to Woodstock in Brunswick East. Fantastic, authentic pizza and pasta. No photo, as we nommed it too quickly.

The other girlfriend I caught up with at Gorski and Jones, a new Italian restaurant in Collingwood. Tuesday night is Suckling Pig night. Behold....

The crackling was thin and crispy and the taters were yummy. The pork itself was succulent and it was a massive serving - I took some home (they give doggy bags!) and had it on a sammich for lunch the next day. The  vegetables on the right are celeriac and beetroot, and were super tasty. Sorry I can't make up better descriptors....I am drunk on one glass of pinot gris....

Speaking of which, my little friend who I caught up with is from Honkers. She has they typical Asian Alcohol Metabolising Enzymes ie goes bright red and is intoxicated after half a glass of wine. She said to me, face aflush, "your face. It is so symmetrical. It is big. And cute". I said "that is the wine talking".

Kids today.

I had a bit of a Wonky Day (boat issues) on Wednesday. I have one of those per week. It is getting better.  Rome was not built in a day etc etc.

Thursday morning, I caught up with my best GBF (Gay Boyfriend). I have not seen him for yonks. He has been doing his fellowship in neonatology in Toronto (I know, right!!!) and he has just got back. He may be going to live in New York City soon.... I will miss him, but this is an excuse to visit.

The coffee we had came with a special message

Never a truer word said.
Though a little biscotti (biscotto??) with my coffee would've been good too.

Thursday arvo, I caught up with my Statisticians. In research (to borrow the Phrase from Faux Fuchsia), Statisticians are Key. Because the only people who know anything about statistics are statisticians. They suggested some new and exciting ways to analyse and present my primary outcome (ie the most important point of my PhD) AND they are also gonna analyse my data at the end of the year....they think that I will need substantially fewer people than I thought I did....which means I may be able to finish earlier....and earn proper Doctor money!

God bless the Statisticians. They know not what they mean to me right now.

Today, I was in the zone, work wise. After my wonky day on Wednesday, I felt powerful, confident and calm. I used my calm doctor voice and a beatific smile to soothe and console - and that was just my allied health colleagues! I managed to come up with solutions that seemed to please people. I feel good.

Also, my fella is coming home for dinner, rather than being chained with nose to the grindstone till 10pm like he said. Fush and chups bro!

We are finally having some decent weekend weather.

And, these are awesome! I bought them on Monday and I still have over half the box left!

How was your week? Happy weekend to you.


  1. Those sensations can't be that good I'd you still have half a box!! But glad you had a good week. Wobbles are normal. Most of my wobbles though externally induced are still wobbles...hope you get in a good run with the weather. Loving all the Melbourne food action x

  2. Yay for grey marle, witchery jeans and statisticians.... And for wine!
    I'll be bugging you and Heidi for food recs when we head to Melbs next month

    1. My word. We should catch up for a beverage