Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Why I run.

Harro! My this week has gone quick!

The weather here in Melbourne can only be described as very Typical Melburnian - Sunny in the morning, pissing it down in the arvo....



Anyone who knows me knows I go to run training at regular times during the week. I stop work, down tools, go home, get change, and hot foot it to the park to meet my fellow running ladies and coach.

9 times out of ten, I have a dozen excuses. Too tired. Too busy. Hungry. Tired.....Can't be bothered...Cold....wet....windy...gah.

9.8 times out of 10 I feel better for going. 10 times out of 10 I feel no worse. That's why I go, barring illness or very inclement weather.

Lately, I have struggled with my running mojo. Remember mojo? I love that word. Kind of Japaneasy, don't you think?

He lost his mojo, then found it again. Yeah, baby.
Perhaps in keeping with a bit of a lowered mood, I get down on myself. Harsh. Too slow. Too fat. Why do you even DO this to yourself....Stress on joints.. blah blah.
I know. Unhelpful.

My friend and I were talking after the session. She was at a running seminar, given by an Ultramarathoner.

He said: Remember the why.

So I got to thinking.... Here are my whys:
  • To help with my mood
  • To help with my body image (mine, I've struggled with, but it is better when I exercise regularly)
  • The social element - I run with some great women who I enjoy seeing.
  • To keep up fitness
  • To keep my weight under control (why must we talk about our weight like it a noxious weed? Perhaps that is one of the reasons why my body weight is a fraught issue - as with many women)
  • To challenge myself
  • Meditative (when I am in the right headspace)
Speaking of headspace, I was all busy getting a bit down on myself while out running. I've just come back from being ill and it is a bit of a struggle.

Then I thought to myself "For Chrissake, woman, you are out here running, doing intervals, the weather is bad, and you've just been ill. What do you WANT from yourself. You got out the door!"

It was a struggle to even get out the door today, I was tired. 85% of it is simply getting out the door.

I took up running knowing that I was never going to be the best at it, and I thought this would be good for me. The validation needs to come from within. I need to pat myself on the back each time I get out the door, just for getting out there, because plenty of people don't.

Whenever I think I can't do something, I always think back to 22/4/2012, in London. 42.2km of Glory.

here is a link to a photo of me running the marathon! I couldn't import the picture...


  1. Cant believe you did a marathon. Proper mental stuff that is. Keep up the good work - runners high is medical fact right?

    I am not a runner - as they say - if you see me run, call the police because it means the boogie man is chasing me.

    1. Runners high is rare.
      It's just a nice feeling of achievement.

  2. Ah! I've lost my running mojo and this is exactly what I needed to read right now. You are a GEM.

  3. You are so a multiple marathoner waiting to happen

  4. Running is my favourite form of exercise, but I've barely ran since falling pregnant with my eldest. Am definitely inspired by you. Nothing like runner's high. (Although I cheat and run at the gym on the treadmill whilst watching tv).