Tuesday, 10 September 2013



And for the second time this year, I have been overseas while there has been a change in Prime Minister.

Now we have Tony.

I was dreading that.

See, Tony actually likes Doctors. He was very attentive to the AMA when he was health minister.

Richer people, like me, will be better off under Tony and his merry (mostly) men.

But if you are one or more of the following:

  • gay
  • [female?]
  • reliant on the public education system
  • reliant on the public health system
  • reliant on public transport
  • reliant on welfare
  • an asylum seeker
  • a low income earner
  • the environment
You are screwed. Royally screwed, one way or the other.

I don't know that much about the economy, but I feel that the government should look after the vulnerable. That's why we pay taxes.

I also feel that as a relatively wealthy and resource rich country, we should be innovative, and invest in good things for future generations. Like the internet. And hell, the environment. We should be a country the world looks up to. Smart and visionary leaders can turn challenges, such as climate change, into opportunities.

And while on the subject of climate change, anything other than a shift towards clean, renewable and anti-polluting is tantamount to denialism.

Tony, I am looking at you.

I think somebody like Malcolm Turnbull might be good as Liberal leader. It would be an interesting experiment to have a socially "small l" liberal but economically conservative prime minister. That might keep a lot more people happy.

It would also, hypothetically, be interesting to see what would happen if Tony were ousted by the faceless men of the Liberal party in favour of Malcolm.

Would Malcolm be subject to the same vitriol as Julia? Or would we dance in the streets?

Meanwhile, Joe Hockey is the poster-child for bariatric surgery. Does this mean he will fund more of it for people who need it? Only time will tell.

I didn't vote for either major party. But I didn't vote for the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party, who now have a senate seat in Victoria.

I think I would've preferred somebody from the Pirate Party.


I had a lovely holiday.

We ate, slept, sunbathed, snorkelled, ate, drank, snorkelled, slept, ate, sunbathed, ate, sweated, ate and went bogan-watching on the main island drag.

Plus we went to a ladyboy cabaret.

We also went kayaking and paddled long distances in sync in a straight line. Good teamwork.

It was wonderful. It was too short. Some people say they can't bear to sit their bum on a beach for a week. I went for six days. I could have done about 5 days more. We touched down in Melbs at 8am and I was in at work at 10:15.

After this holiday, I am now making friends with salad. And ramping up the exercise.

It is the height of irony that an environment that requires the wearing of minimal clothing/ bathing suits also serves a sumptuous buffet breakfast and has cheap cocktails and good bar snacks.

In addition to work, study, slavish attention to exercise and diet, myself and the fella are house huntin'. Which means that this spring, I will actually have to do some Spring Cleaning.

I know. Exciting.

More anon.


  1. I'm making friends with salad too!

    And trying to exercise!

    Did I tell you I added you to my blog roll? x

    1. Eeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhmyyyygoddd!
      I am so flattered! My fave blogger!

    2. oh stop it! hope you are feeling better.

      I am a champion of worrying myself sick too. I get the back ground noise thing. It keeps me wake at night.

      I find that maxing out my time with those I love really really helps.


  2. I agree with looking after the most vulnerable! I am away too and I was surprised when we woke up to a Tony :(

  3. I too need to make friends with salad, or start wearing my maternity jeans (and no I'm not pregnant). Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday.

  4. I think bogan-watching is up there in my top 5 favourite holiday activities. Did heaps of it when I was in Bali.

    I perfected my skillz when I lived in Melbourne. ;)

  5. People money isn't going to help them if the environment is fucked. I was thinking today, the ultimate irony would be Andrew Bolt getting a climate change related illness :)

    I'm one of those who hates sitting around a beach. I get this idea that I would like a tropical island holiday then I remember I hate the sun, I hate sand. I do like cocktails in pineapples though.