Friday, 13 September 2013

'Snot a problem.....Some things about Me.

Happy Friday!

I have developed a post-holiday lurgy. I am very grateful that I didn't get it during the holiday. I am not impressed that I have it over a weekend.

I am at on my couch wrapped in my nanna blanket stalking trawling blogs, watching telly, staying warm. I have eschewed a post work drinks do in the city with my fella, instead going home via the pharmacy to get some good drugs.

So I am going to tell you a few random things about myself.

1. I never got on a plane till I was 20, and not overseas till nearly 23, but I have now travelled more widely than most people I know.

I have been to (not in temporal order):
New Zealand (3 times), the UK (6 times), the USA (a couple of times, plus en route), Singapore (twice), Malaysia (twice), Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria (Twice Each), Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Sweden, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Korea, Cuba, Mexico, The UAE and recently, Thailand.

This year, I visited Mexico City and Cuba in January. I went to a conference in Seoul in June, via Hong Kong, and I've just gotten back from Thailand.

I want to go to Israel and Jordan. I would have liked to go to Egypt, but it is a hellhole at the moment. I want to go to Turkey. Like, really want to go.
I would like to do the South of India.
I would like to do Mexico in more detail.
I would like to do the Galapagos and the Inca Trail in Peru.
I would like to go to the Olympics in Rio in 2016.

I have a British passport. My dad was born in the UK. 

2. I am a medical doctor (Geriatrician), doing a PhD looking at obesity in older people...

....or, as I call it, bariatric geriatrics.

I work part time, study full time and make mischief full time.

Will they call me Dr. Dr.? I don't know.

When will I finish my PhD? I don't know.

I am the only member of my immediate family to have finished high school. I have comprehensively over-shot, education wise.

3. I speak some Italian, and some Spanish. A few words of Dutch.

I learned Italian at school, right to year 12.
I took Spanish lessons a few years back.
Sometimes I get confused and speak them both interchangeably. Spangtalian, I call it.

4. I love pickled onions.

Like, if there were a block of chocolate and a jar of good pickled onions in the cupboard, the pickled onions would go first.

Mind you, I am fairly partial to chocolate, too.

5. I cook very good curried sausages.

They are my signature dish.

Like me, they are down to earth, a little spicy, and nutritious.

The very description of them wooed me my man.

They cure what ails you. Trust me. I am a doctor.

And what about you? Tell me a few random things about yourself. Whatever you feel comfortable with.


  1. Would love the curried sausage recipe.

    Get well soon.

    SSG xxx

  2. But why Dutch? Interesting - must be a story behind it! Love this post - so much fun...Let's see. I am half korean half australian but speak with an american accent. I go through phases of being completely intuitive that I get called white witch by my friends but having said that sometimes i don't realize i have spinach between my teeth. Conversant in about 6 languages, polite introductions in a few more, but talk nonsense in all of them!

    1. Naomi, I did an elective in the Netherlands during med school.
      I knew no dutch before I went there but after 6 weeks I could understand a bit.

      I probably learned more there than people actually studying it. I used the subtitles on the TV to work it out.

      I am intuitive too! White Witches!!!

      Which half is Korean? Did you grow up in the US?

    2. Mum Korean Dad Melbourne boy. I went to Int'l school but did live in the States for a while but summered there a bit as a kid coupled with having a US military base in Seoul where I had to go to church every sunday when little.

      Big up white witches!! :) Do you sage as well? If not, you are missing out.

  3. Ooh you know I don't think I've ever tried curried sausages! Perhaps I should hunt for your recipe-do you have one on your blog? :)

  4. I luff to travel too! and I really like pickled onions!

    Get well soon darl x

    1. Thanks Gawjus.
      Those pickled onions cure what ails you.

  5. So you are doing a PHD looking at obesity in older people....we have something in common....I'm an older person with obesity (75 lbs overweight)...and here in the U.S. physicians either hand you a diet sheet or schedule you for a gastric sleeve. Surely someone will discover why some of us have brains that don't work in the area of appetite control and will find a safe way to fix it... Maybe it will be you....

    1. Thanks Anon!
      I hope you are ok and getting good help.

      The interesting thing is, very few people's brains work in the area of appetite control, particularly after a period of intentional weight loss.

      If you are interested, I encourage you to google Prof. Joe Proietto, and New England Journal of Medicine. Some pivotal (but largely unknown) research.

  6. Bariatric geriatrics. I actually laughed out loud then.

    I speak a few words of Croatian. Mainly the words you can't say in English while surrounded by small children. It comes in handy in a lot of social situations.

    I'm off to buy flowers for my rad Dr bestie who is currently studying for a VERY intense anaesthetics exam!

    1. The swear words are most important.

      You are a good bestie!!

  7. Make sure you insist that everyone call you Dr Dr- even if they are telemarketers ;) A random thing about me is that my identical twin (confirmed by genetic testing) can roll her tongue and I can't roll mine. Also, we are mirror image- I am right handed and she is left handed.

  8. You sure have travelled a great deal for a young woman! I've been to lots of places, too, but I'm an old(er) duck, so I suppose it's to be expected. Next May we're going to Turkey for 3 weeks including a visit to Cappadocia where we will go hot-air ballooning over the famous "fairy chimneys". I'm busting to do that, after having been hot-air ballooning last year over Bruges in Belgium. BEST EVER!

    Europe is my favourite travel destination, especially Italy, which I am very passionate about.

    I love to cook, love to eat (too much love) and I am writing my memoirs for my children to have after I'm gone, not for publication.

    That's enough about me, for the moment. Get well soon, please. x