Monday, 23 September 2013

Weekend. Haute Couture.

Happy (atleastitisn'tmonday) TUESDAY!

How are youse?

You will all sleep better knowing that my lurgy is gone and my sinuses are clear. I am a picture of glowing health.

You will also be glad to know that Lovenest 1.0 is go - my fella and I have been approved to rent a nice terrace place in a hip inner city suburb. Regular readers are welcome to come and stay. You supply the wine, we'll supply the cheese.

My weekend was fairly quiet, we have had our share of big weekends. The big thing I did on Sunday morning was a 10km fun run, the first of the Spring into Shape series. Melbourne was showing off, weather wise. It was a glorious day, but perhaps a touch hot for a run. I managed to run my very worst 10km time in, like, forever.

I suppose I was due one of them. At least I got out there. And I had a nice yap with other people on the course.

Today I am going to talk a little bit about couture. Since we have been awash with red carpet events; the Emmys and Brownlows. I have a passing interest in style, insofar as I wear clothes, and I like them to look good on me. I am not one so much for fashion (it's Passe here in the inner north of Melb), but I may embrace one or two elements...

I am also not-reed-thin, and it is good to see more normal looking women on the red carpets.

We have to talk about Lena.

 Lena! Listen! I am all for our telly screens being filled with interesting, quirky, non-classically beautiful women; I am one of them! It is long overdue.

But girl, I don't think this dress would've looked good on anyone. The hair is very coffee with girlfriends.

I am aware that there is a whole "fuck flattering" movement in the fatshion scene, but I think it is a bunch of people cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Work it! This is how...

Here Kelly does it well.... she rocks a boob, a little waist and a statement colour (though not Purple hair, unfortunately)

Mindy (Iveneverheardofyou) Kaling....BAM! Perfection

Christina is the Queen of BAM....

My favourite frock of the other ladies at the Emmys.... Michelle Dockery. It was a little controversial and got some "ew" from those in the know, but I liked it. A few more accessories perhaps?

Also loved Claire Danes..

We also need to talk, Amanda Peet...

Brynne at the Brownlow....You are getting there! Well done you! Is it a Herve Leger?

Whose frock did you like?
What would you have put Lena Dunham in?

Have a good week! x


  1. I think Michelle Dockery looks beautiful too.

    Not sure what frock I would have put Lena in - none of the above though.

    Hope all going well with you.

  2. 1. You actually liked Claire I-forgot-to-wear-a-bra-Danes' outfit? REALLY?
    2. Mindy Kaling is hilarious and great. Watch the first ep of her show and you'll agree
    3.Lena Dunham is so amazing and everybody loves her, but for the love of GOD, she needs a stylist. It's like she says 'I know I'm kinda frumpy and weird and I don't want to try to hard, so I'm going to go out of my way to look like I'm not trying at all'. Wrong approach, sweetheart.
    4. Brynne has made a vast improvement over the years! Well done,her!

  3. Claire Danes is too breastless for that dress, I reckon. Christina looks lovely, like a real woman. Speaking of real women, how about Rebecca Judd!!! WAaaay too skinny for a pregnant girl and the dress was not a bit nice. Her 6 o'clock News outfits are always horrid, though, so I should have anticipated this.

  4. Disagree re Claire - not that i think everyone should get a boob job but having said that I would not wear hot pants just because legs are not my best feature so i don't understand why she made such a point of it. Plus there are nice small boobs but to be brutal - she doesn't even have a nice pair of small boobs. Loved the dress on Mindy who I also have no idea who the heck she is - I am so out of touch - but I would have taken one brocade near her neck because it shortens her decolletage area and i feel like i can't breathe let alone what she feels like.

    Lena - poor girl - at least she cant write. I can't say too much otherwise it will just get as ugly as her dress.

    Dude, don't know what the pulse is over there but Herve Leger nowadays is purely for high class hookers, 5th wives, or supermodels who got a free dress back in the 80's.

    Love Christina - I have no lesbian inclinations but I told Mr CSW he is free to have an affair with her but he has to tell me all about it afterwards.

  5. Congrats on your new pad!!
    I'm not sure that I know who some of those ladies are in those pics, but I like the Mad Men lady's dress and hair!
    Glad you're over your sinus infection.
    And I agree with Naomi, Hervé Leger is very hooker fashion!