Thursday, 29 August 2013

Boat Repairs et cetera.

Hi All,
thankyou for the lovely encouragements, it means a lot and makes me smile.

Deb, some of the best people have leaky boats.

So I took the boat to a couple of different boat builders.
One will spray the waterproofer on.
One will have a look for holes around the keel.
The boat is better.

When we feel a bit stressed or overwhelmed, it is good to visualise a calming image.
Perhaps one like this?

That's better, isn't it?

It will be a lot better when we are there...
Tonight we are off to KL for a couple of days, then to Koh Samui.

Just a little break to refresh, relax and recharge.

I hope you all stay well.


  1. Hope you have a fab time, Cilla!
    It sounds like a good place for boats to relax and recuperate, in a friendly environment xxx

  2. Thanks, sweetheart. I am getting help.

    Enjoy your break.