Monday, 30 June 2014

Recent Nice Things

One thing that is certainly not nice at the moment is the weather here in Melb.

It is foul and chilly and windy and rainy. In fact, the only thing that one feels like doing is sitting on the couch with some mulled wine and some pudding with cream. It's true. I will have to settle for a hot shower and a lick from the dog.

I had a bit of a busy weekend. I spent some time as an examiner for the mock exam for our physician trainees. I will be examining for the real thing soon, so it was good to get some practice in. It keeps me on my toes. Best of all the organisers took our coffee order in advance and had them available at break time!

Then it was a birthday party at a Pub. Sat outside. I hate outside at this time of year; even with the very feeble heating, I was freezing my botty off.

Sunday, after braving the cold for some exercise, I went to see Rocky Horror Show with my mum and some friends.

The highlight of it for me was seeing Craig McLachlan prance and joke and double-entendre on stage, in suspenders, heels and a corset, having an absolute ball. And when a performer is having a ball, so, usually, do the audience.

My, sir, you've been working out! Phwoar. And the view from the rear was spectacular too.

Another nice thing that happened is that I won a dress! The very gorgeous (and very pregnant) Jo from iCurvy was having a giveaway on her blog, and I won! I chose this dress (Image from Jo's blog)
I plan to wear it to a friend's wedding in Singapore. We go in September. Yays!

In the meantime, lots of packing. We are moving soon! eeek!

Also, I have started a few extra sessions of work. Eeeek (but looking forward to $$)

So it's on for young and old, really.

How are you?
How is the whether where you are?
What are you up to? Any exciting news/ plans to share?


  1. Spent yesterday in bed with a cold (first day of holidays...)
    Windy and cold here...but not like Melbourne I would guess.
    No news, just chugging along.
    You didn't ask us about what we thought about Craig's thighs....That show will go on forever. I loved it when I was 12!!!

  2. That dress is gorgeous! Congrats!

    I am good AND bad. Bad - I have a cold; my heart broke last week; I'm busy; I'm sore from yoga. Good - yoga was amazing; I quit my job; I'm planning a roady with my best friend.

    Cold and rainy. But very 4-seasons-in-one-day - it was beautiful and sunny half an hour ago.


  3. Congrats on the dress win. Gorgeous. I think I missed the Rocky Horror Show- was here earlier in the year??? Glad you enjoyed it. Brisbane's weathers been a little bit unreliable- some lovely days, and others chilly- at the moment I'm hibernating x

  4. Hey, you won the dress! I follow iCurvy but didn't see who had won - now I'm so happy it's someone I actually know! YAY for you! xx