Monday, 2 June 2014


Just a quickie from Blighty. Have to clear off soon to meet the divine miss Naomi.

Long layover in honkers en route- just enough time to dash into town to meet my friend, who showed me to a cheap pedi. Efficiency!

Landed early yesterday- 0600. My bags were on the carousel soon as I got there. I am always superstitious about packing some clothes and spare undies in my hand luggage, and always feel a surge of joy seeing my luggage on the carousel after a long trip.

Being a seasoned traveller I booked the hotel for the previous night, so I could check in early. 'twas a. Beaut morning in londy so I went for a jog. Not a long one, but enough to shake off the fug. A shower, brekky and a rest, then off to kings rd in Chelsea. Luff that area. The people watching is brilliant.

Met an expat girlfriend and we went to lunch at comptoir libonais. Was fab. We wandered about.
Dinner was a traditional british pub dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire pud. Made all the better by the young blokes on the table next door singing Avril lavigne songs.

Ooh and I bought some shooz.

You can keep up pictorially on Instagram.

Better go hit the shower and go forth....


  1. Oh don't have high expectations because I am a total cow in real life! just found my keys and heading out the door now x

  2. Yay Cilla! How fab you're in London!
    Say hi to Naomi from me. It must be so exciting to meet a fellow blogger!
    Glad you love the Kings Road - my parents lived there for years while I was a child/teenager etc. if you're near Old Church Street, that's where our house was!
    Have a great time xx

  3. Lucky. My luggage is always last. Like in I'm waiting at the carousel thinking it's been lost and then suddenly it pops out and I'm last in the queue for customs. This is why I no longer check bags.

  4. Lovely!! Good work on the hotel room. Nothing worse than arriving at 5.30am from Australia and waiting 7 hours until you can check in....
    Have FUN! xx

  5. Have a fantastic trip! I'm insanely jealous, I adore London!