Saturday, 5 July 2014

On soup, solitude and opportunity.

Sunday. Wide, wide open. Open to waking up slowly. Taking your time. Having a think.

'Cept I can't do too much of that, as we are moving house in 9 days. 9 days!

I have been up and about and out for a walk in the 'hood, saying goodbye, in a way. Had me a cute little coffee in a cute little cup. Strolled through Piedimonte's supermarket. Checked out some new lines (Maggie Beer Soup? I think I shall). Wandered back and took in all the stately architecture, the people, the bikes, the plants and the dogs. In amongst all the packing, I feel like I have to visit my favourite places of the neighbourhood. Pay my respects.

Today, a run. Then packing. It's a daunting task. Also, a time when one doesn't want to make too much mess in the kitchen, or fill the fridge up with too many perishables. Hence the posh prepacked soups are convenient (but also healthy and nourishing) way to go. I look forward to eating them, in a way that I don't look forward to humbler canned soups. I look forward to getting creative with the Thermomix in the new house. But now, economy of time is important.

The fella was off to work early today. I am alone. There was a time in my life, not so long ago, that I could not stand to be alone. Now I enjoy some solitude. Of course, I have the dog silently watching, and I can talk to her if I feel the need to speak. These alone times will become scarce, with any luck! I am mindful of them, and cherish them.

I especially enjoy these oases of quiet when things get busy. In addition to the packing, the last gasps of grunt work with the PhD, and starting some private work, I have been offered some more public work. As the PhD winds down, I had given some thought to how to gainfully fill the working week, without compromising the PhD completion. A senior colleague (and friend) somebody asked me to cover some maternity leave. My initial thought was no (for a number of reasons), but this colleague persisted and offered me something I could not refuse. And I thought "you fool, don't knock it back, the jobs market is tight, carpe diem etc etc". So here I am. It's great when things fall at your feet; sometimes they are not exactly right in terms of timing or form, but important to see the opportunity in them regardless.

Anywho that is enough navel-gazing from me. I look forward to moving into my new neighbourhood. Some of the ladies from my exercise group will be living right near me. There are nice new cafes and nooks and crannies to discover.

What are you up to? Today? This week?
Any new things you want to tell me about?


  1. I feel for you with the moving!!! I moved me (and only me) and it took a month of gradual packing when I moved in with Mr Fascinata! I was exhausted then for a month!! Cleaning out my house was a shocker...I haven't learnt the minimalist lesson still.
    About to go to friends for tapas, AND to pick up a pair of shoes my friend 'sourced' in New York @ Chanel....the one and only needle heeled black satin pumps!!! I have truly earned those shoes, I must thread at least 40 needles some days for workers ( in my sewing classes) whose eyes are much younger than mine. I'll pop them on the blog.
    Your neighborhood sounds perfect. Xx

  2. Exciting times and can't wait to hear about the newneighbourhood.

  3. Oh packing - I feel for you. I never want to pack/ unpack again. I always find that period of settling into a new neighbourhood quite disquieting - all that finding the good supermarket/ coffee/ walk etc. Hopefully your transition to the new home will go smoothly. But new job too - so exciting! Hope the move goes well for you Cilla, it's an exciting time in your life xx