Sunday, 8 June 2014

Greetings from Turkey!

Those who follow me on Instagram will have had a pictorial trail of where I've been. It's @cillajean79 for those who don't.

It's been a whirlwind few days! Where I left off, I was just about to meet Naomi from couldashouldawoulda. We had a lovely time, squealing at expensive things, with N expertly leading me through the best of London's goods. I even found a new signature fragrance.... It's one of those rare hard to find ones, by a company called nasomatto (translates to mad nose in Italian ... Wonder if that's deliberate?)

Then caught up with an old friend (my first friend at uni). She is in Londy for 2 years, doing part of a post doc. Her hubby and toddler are with her. Good food, conversation and, after the toddler went sleepy byes, wine flowed. If you are in Bloomsbury, there is a great Greek eatery called The Goddess of Life.

Then off to Valencia to meet the fella. Valencia was another whirlwind place- I spent all 3 nights at the fella's conference social events. But I bought 3 pairs of shoes- 2 in same style different colour. It would've been 3 in that style (an emerald green pointy pump) but I showed great restraint. I also discovered a really good brand of cosmetics- Kiko, from Milan. Great quality and range, at a low price point. If you are on the continent, get onto it!

We flew from Valencia to Istanbul yesterday. Yes there is a direct flight. Taxi drivers in Spain and Turkey are similar in terms of their hair- raising driving. After this, and crowded airports both ends, I needed a soothing beverage. Who knew Turkey made wine?

Today was a wander about the new and old towns. We arranged some tours for later on. We are staying in The Karakoy district, down the hill from Taksim, and a short walk over the bridge from the old city. We were woken up by the call to prayer; noise is ubiquitous in Istanbul. I love that plaintive call, alarming at the beginning, then calming.

Karakoy is like the fitzroy of Istanbul, gritty and funky. Lots of new modern bars and caf├ęs, and great people watching of Istanbul's young trendy folks. What our hotel lacks in size, it makes up for in kindness of the staff, and quality of the complementary breakfast. Turkish food may be a separate post subject.

Just about off to Bedfordshire. Will post again soon x


  1. Yes Turkish food deserves it's own post! Glad you got some shoes in Spain too. I bet the selection was much better than London?? I love that perfume and thought it suited you but I can imagine many people being disappointed Iback in Melbourne when you tell them it isn't available down at DJ's..have fun in Bedfordshire x

  2. No, sorry it's not available here...*blink* the perfume I like it ;)
    Turkey is on my day. Have you got enough room for a rug for the new home??? How good is Kiko, I slipped away from Mr Fascinata in Venice at the train station (he is VERY good at getting to departure points very very early) and found a store. I went mad and started shoving all sorts in the hand basket they gave me but when I got to cashier it was cash only!!! I then tracked the store in Les Halles, Paris in a big shopping centre. Lovely you see old friends. Xx I'm visiting you on Instagram now.

  3. Really enjoying your trip updates, C! You've inspired me to plan a trip to this part of the world one day.

    Glad the shopping has been good too!

    SSG xxx