Monday, 26 May 2014

Sinus sadness...

Readers, I am crook.

I had a cold, then I got sinusitis. I have been laid a bit low all weekend. I have been getting a few bouts this year.

Luckily though, I have a friend/colleague on facey who is an allergist, who I messaged and she got back to me with some advice. Perk of the job.

While laid low, I have taken the opportunity to binge-watch House of Cards. Glass half full. That Underwood couple just keep getting more Diabolical!

Hope it gets better soon - I have a busy week upcoming...

I have to get a lot of stuff ready before I jet off for a couple of weeks - London, Valencia, Istanbul.

Have to get the work things in order and handed over.

I have a conference on Wednesday and Thursday, at which I am speaking...I am feeling a bit stressed about it.

What if I get heckled ? What if people don't come to my talk? Gah!
(Though on saying/typing things out loud, that sounds a bit ridiculous.) Though I know the chair of the session well, and will give prior instructions on how to deal with a particular person who Might be there... forewarned is forearmed etc.

Then on Friday - madly tying up loose ends, packing, and making my way off at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning. I am really looking forward to it.

We have to leave the woofy in a boarding Kennel. I hope she is ok. She is still a bit timid around most other Hoomins.

Apologies for the Lacklustre check in, I will hopefully more than make up for it on and after my travels. Check me out on Instagram, I should have a good feed happening there!

Thankyou for your feedback re the word verification - I won't go there. Hopefully the spam will wind up in the spam filter rather than in my email inbox soon. And Welcome to the new commenters! I appreciate your lovely comments x

Now, I will turn the discussion over to you.

Any recommendations for London? Valencia? Istanbul? I think I'd like to go to a Hammam.
Any annoying (but non life-threatening) health issues? Debrief here!
What's your favourite telly show at the moment? Do you watch House of Cards?


  1. Oh noes re sinuses! I hope you make a speedy recovery. Safe travels!

    SSG xxx

  2. Oh noes!!! What horrible timing with your sinuses and your upcoming trip. Wishing you a speedy recovery. No specific recs for London - I loved EVERYTHING about the place. EVERYTHING.

    SSG xxx

  3. Sorry to hear you've been crook, best to get it out of the way before your big trip!
    I recommend the Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamam in Istanbul...pricey but so luxurious. I wished I had done it as my first thing when I arrived in Istanbul after the long flight from home. They have separate female and male sections, which is good as you have to nude it up!
    Really want to go to Valencia if I ever am fortunate to get to Spain again. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    My three favorite TV shows are Offspring, Masterchef and The Living Room. I'm a bit daggy.
    Rach from SA

  4. Sinusitis is the pits - get better soon. Happy travels - am off to London too - and Paris in 5 weeks with my 20yo daughter - my first trip to Europe. Dodgy hips are annoying me ATM (bilateral hip dysplasia). Favourite TV show is Luke Nguyen in France on SBS Thursday nights. Take one of your old jumpers to the boarding kennel for Puppy to sleep with to remind her of you/home. Leigh :)

  5. are you going to istanbul before london? how lucky - i went 9 years ago but i did the main usual tour bits but apparently everyone says i have to go and see all those waterside mansions from the boat. plus the food is amazing. But i hope you get better soon bc flying and sinuses are not the best mix.

    also do what flight attendants do and put vaseline on your inner nose and lining to protect from drying out more. and bring a water spray with tea tree oil so the air around you is fresh and disinfects. also do you have a nasal kettle? keep doing nasal rinses with that - i think they call it a neti pot. if you dont have that see if the chemist holds the nasal sea water spray. see you soon! x

  6. I am a nonsense...I thought you'd said Paree was in the loop, but the trip will be amazing. The upside of being sick is really good feeling you get when you recover and you might not get a lurje when you are OS.
    Do you ever take those Codral tabs? Just wondering what a Dr would say about them? I hate the Ad on TV where it promotes people to 'soldier on' and the women carries a cake to her friend's party. Euwwww.
    I have only spent the weekend in London. Have heard great reports about Valencia. Mr Fascinata used to love the Hamman when he worked OS. Sounds a treat.
    Life-threatening issues....well, thanks for asking, I nicked the top off my thumb cutting a chilli like a lunatic on Saturday and the got to work on Monday and cut my finger on a pair of tongs!!! I have a huge bandaged wrap around the end of my thumb and a bandaid on other finger....renders me useless.
    I'll be checking your instagram. Talk soon. Xx
    Pups will be fine, good call on the kennel. Less stress for all.

  7. Have a wonderful trip! I hope you're feeling better by then!

  8. It's probably a bit late for this trip but there is a service called Pets Bed n' Breakfast - much better than a kennel because your pet gets to stay in a real home. My sister left Gemma with them when she travelled because a lot of kennels don't exercise the dogs enough and leave them in pens. She got really angry though because, when she got home, Gem ignored her because she loved her new family so much.

  9. You need serious doses of Horseradish and garlic tablets from Blackmores. I had a period of recurrent sinus infections - after the third bout in 4 months, I started taking the tablets, and haven't had one since. Side benefit was that I didn't get any kind of virus for the following year that I took them either...
    Good luck wtih the speaking and the packing. The dog will be ok... I remember fretting about ours when we went away....that was before kids. Now I fret about other things! xx