Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cilla's current picks.

Here are some bits and bobs I am loving at the moment....

1. Bella dog.

She is such a lovely little soul. Some people came around to visit and were very enamoured, despite the fact that she was a bit timid with them. She wags her tail when we speak to her, shakes paws and sits. She sleeps on her little dog futon during the day, and has doggie dreams, doing little woofs, twitches and leg movements in her sleep. I wonder what she is dreaming about. Probably chasing cats.

The dog has blossomed since she came to live with us. I have noted a change in my fella too - he can get quite stressed out with work, but the dog never fails to make him smile when he gets home. One of their favourite things to do on the weekend  is go for a long walk, then to the pub for a beer.

She is still a bit whingey at night when she sleeps outside, but she has found a little nest outside under some trees, where she has hidden some bones and toys for later use.

2. These boots

I got them on the net from Anthropologie. I have asked around for ideas to style them. I am very excited to take delivery of them.

3. Embellished Jumpers from Decjuba.

I picked up this one from The Iconic.
They may very well look good with the above boots.
And a close-up of the detailing:

I have been on the lookout for embellished tops recently. This one fits the bill for me nicely.

4. Exciting new directions in my work

As the PhD approaches its end, hopefully in about a year, I will have space to fill time, hopefully with more profitable activities. I have had some discussions here and there, and some exciting options have emerged. I will be seeking more details about them soon; it is still in the planning stage.

I am glad I did not go straight into full time work after getting fully credentialled - the PhD has given me a good bit of time to think about what I really want to do, how I want to work and how I want to balance it with more important things!

5. Boiled eggs as snacks.

Boil a few eggs on the weekend, and have them as snacks. Protein is much better than carbohydrates at filling you up. You will thank me for this later.

Eggs went out of vogue a few years ago, but they are now here to stay as the dietary paradigm shifts.

6. Cauliflower "rice"

This image from nom nom paleo

You whizz some roughly chopped cauliflower up in a blender/food processor/old skool with a knife till it is about rice-size. I then put it in a microwave container and zap for 2 minutes to cook. I then saute it with oil and add onion and garlic with fried-rice type ingredients, or I have it with worcester sauce and mustard. Feel free to add other vegies in too.

I am not a big fan of rice, I find it a bit bland and white rice lacks many nutrients other than carbs. I am quite happy to eat this in place of it.

Things I am less enthusiastic about:
-the humidity in Melbourne, and the return of summer.

What about you? What are you enjoying at the moment? Share!


  1. I am willing the weather to get cooler so that I can get myself an embellished jumper too. I love the one you've chosen.

    SSG xxx

  2. I love that rice substitute idea. You could do lots with that. Pleased you've taken control of your Bella. Frankly, I was hopeless, and for the last 14 years my dog has 'run rings around me'. Inside -wherever it wants - following me around relentlessly. It is far better to be 'a little cruel to be kind'.
    Would love to see the boots with a pencil maxi skirt or maxi dress with long sleeves. Boots still show at the bottom....very stylish. Xx
    Not really enjoying much at the moment! Very bogged down at work. That sounds terrible doesn't it???

  3. The days we have the puppy are theones I don't mind getting stressed bc she does destress me a lot. She doesn't mind the house in disarray...

    I am intrigued about cauliflower rice - might try it once kitchen is done.
    I can do boiled eggs but with tons of mayo. and salt. and hot sauce. and rice.

    modeling pics re boots and jumper? xx

  4. She's such a cute pup.
    I love an embellished top - means you don't have to think about accessorising. I have one on today - striped with a jewelled neckline thing. Like the boots a lot, will be v. versatile for Winter. xx

  5. Those boots! Mmm and cauli rice is amazeballs :) AND PUPPY!

  6. Those boots! Mmmm and cauli rice is amazeballs! AND PUPPY!