Friday, 11 April 2014

Funnies. First World Problems.

Well Helloooo!

I have been meaning to blog, but every time I go on the computer I feel I should be writing my thesis. Hence I have been staying away from my computer and having a nap instead.

But perhaps I can warm myself into thesis writing by writing a blog post.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is on at the moment. I have been and seen a couple of shows - Colin Lane (of Lano and Woodley) and Tom Gleeson (of The Project fame). Tom Gleeson was probably the funnier, and he performed to quite a large room. Always good to have a good larf, though unfortunately I often start wheezing and coughing when I do that! First world problem....

I managed to catch up with Flora Fascinata on Monday, she was visiting from Brissie. We had a lovely lunch and chat. Always great to meet fellow bloggers in the flesh.

Things are moving forward with the work developments, and I am looking to go part time with the PhD. My fella said that doing a PhD was like running a marathon, and having run one I would say it was right - at the beginning you feel bullet-proof and like a bit of a hero; in the last third, it it just bloody hurts and you sometimes wonder why you did it.

Another first world problem.

I have managed to procure some help for the grunt work so hopefully that will free up some time for me to write....(not nap).

The fella and I have been discussing holidays, trying to get some time to get over to Europe and see some friends (some bloggy friends of of which is not too well at the moment...)

Yet another first world problem.

In amongst this excitement, we have been house huntin'! Did you know mortgage translates to Death Hand in French?

We moan about the costs, but we are mainly looking quite near to the city. We may have to suck it up in terms of location, price and "niceness" of the house. Again, this is a first world problem. A DINK problem.

The doggy is good. Her little personality is shining through. And I took delivery of my boots.

So, tell me about your first world issues...


  1. House hunting, mortgages…. eeekkk.

    Best of luck with finding the right house.

    SSG xxx

  2. Right...
    I can't wait for Indooroopilly Shopping Centre's renovations to be complete!!! Parking is still nightmarish. And, I got stuck behind a STOP/GO sign for ten minutes....when I am the only car on the road.
    I am sick of using the self-serve checkouts and when there's a malfunction getting a complete lesson in 'how-to' from the good people at Coles.
    And, to cap it off I had to do two full loads of chalkface tea towel washing at home in the House of Flora because some genius saw it fit to hold a Food Fair on the last day of the term with 1200 students! Humphh.
    It was a treat to meet you. I admire smart women. xx

  3. I wish you all the luck in getting a great bargain of a house in the inner city!! Hopefully it will be a period terraced in Carlton or something...:)

    Wallpaper issues, too tired to even bother going on vacation bc I know going away won't fix anything, loads of people coming to London over easter so I know I will be so tired, can't figure out if I should get highlights or a mixture of high and lowlights...#firstworldproblems xx

  4. You have been tagged!!! A little quiz if you were interested.

    SSG xxx

  5. Hehe you know I actually used the First World Problems phrase in the last hour! :P Congratulations about looking for a new place. I had no idea that that was the meaning of mortgage but it kind of makes sense.