Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Greetings from KL

A quickie as I hate typing on the iPad!

Am in KL for the world congress on obesity. I went because a. I wrote a poster to present and b. my supervisor let me.

Most poster presentations are of little consequence, and mine was no exception. Though some really failed the "so what" test. Maybe they just wanted an excuse to travel, too.

My colleague, however, should have been given an oral presentation, as it is the culmination of her PhD, and the findings are paradigm shifting. She will aim to get it published in a big shot journal.

It has been nice travelling with some colleagues. One of them bought her dad along, he is nearing 60 and hadn't been os before. He is luffing it sick.

This is the 3rd time I've been to KL.
a few short and silly observations:
1. It is hoooooooomid.
2. They have sephora stores. Sephora rules.
3. I have noticed a few transexuals (male as female) about the place. It must be difficult to be transgendered in a conservative Muslim country, or indeed anywhere.
4. There is a covered, air conditioned pedestrian bridge going from outside my hotel to the convention centre, about 1km. How cool is that?
5. A lot of Malay words are very similar to English words.
6. Things are about 1/2to 2/3 the cost back home. By things I mean food and beer. Most other things are equivalent
7. We are all being encouraged to pray for MH 370. It is a lovely gesture- Norsemen in secular countries.

Anywho. Johnny Farnbottom was the bomb dot com. I had forgotten how good his songs were and I sung the shit out of them. I even got a bit emotional at "touch of paradise"- funny, I that wasn't ever my favourite of Johnny's!

Bye for now! Xx

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  1. So glad you're enjoying KL - humidity aside.

    Take care

    SSG xxx