Saturday, 8 March 2014

Things I'm thinking about at the moment...

There are lots of things I am thinking about at the moment. They change with the day, but here are some recurring thoughts. Some serious, some more fluffy and light.

I am thinking of the poor families of the passengers of the Malaysia Airlines flight that vanished off the face of the earth.

I am thinking of all of the times I got on planes to travel here and there. The trust I put in the pilot, my fellow passengers. That I didn't get too annoyed about the safety and security measures, because they were there to protect us. The times where I didn't even think about the risk of a crash.

Mostly the civil aviation authorities are one step ahead of major disasters. The carry-on luggage rules become ever-more strict.

In the past, I have made big journeys just after big disasters - a couple of months after 11/9/2011. Four weeks after the London bombings in 2005. I am going to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday on an MH flight.

These things are terrible, and (hopefully) make us take stock of how lucky we are. We hug our loved ones goodbye just that little more fervently.

We also remember that we must continue to live how we want to.

I am thinking about Scott Ludlam's speech to an empty senate chamber. Good thing it has gone viral. How eloquent it seems in comparison to the man who runs our country. How frustrating it is that good ideas and the ability to verbalise and sell them shrink in the public consciousness next to pandering to people's less honourable instincts.

I am thinking about child marriage in Iraq. How girls as young as nine are able to be married off, overseen by clerics.

I am thinking about how, when you chop off one head, the one that grows in its place may also be problematic.

I am thinking about a difficult and unpleasant encounter I had at work on Friday. Did I try my very best? I think so. Would I handle it differently in future? Probably yes. Not because that would necessarily be the right thing to do, it's just so I am less likely to have this sort of thing happen again. Unfortunately, we have to protect ourselves.

But that is all a bit heavy, is it not?

There was a lot of buzz about the Oscars frocks. I liked Cate's frock. Lupita's has grown on me. Kate Hudson's was smart too. The rest were very meh.

The more important question that I pondered was "which Hollywood actor would I do?".

I have to say that Leonardo Di Caprio does nothing for me. Too baby faced.
Brad Pitt, ditto.

Matthew McConaughey - hmmmm, maybe.

There are three I luff.

Kevin Spacey.
James Spader (nowadays, not when he was young)
Daniel Craig.

You all probably think I am mad.

I love them because they are, at least on screen, very confident. They are quirky and clever. They have a bit of menace about them. None of them are classically good looking.

It just shows you the difference between attractiveness and good looks.

Speaking of Kevin Spacey,  HOW GOOD IS THE SHOW "HOUSE OF CARDS"?!?!?!
That Frank and Claire are diabolical. They manipulate with sociopathic disregard for the wants or needs of others. Others, such as Russo, just go to water in their presence. I can't stop thinking about that scene where Russo goes to Frank's house with the aim of beating him up, Claire kindly invites him in, then Frank humiliates him, almost goading him into self-harm

It is compelling watching, particularly with such brilliant actors.

I also have recently had an MRI of my spine. I have had longstanding back issues. The scan revealed only old problems, which was a relief.

I have seen physios and sports doctors about the problem, and done lots of Pilates. None of which have given very durable relief.

So I went to see an osteopath. I have to say I was quite impressed, how he looked at my body in its entirety, and gave me a sensible explanation for why I was getting pain, and what I could do about it. I am relieved to say that it's not all in my head, rather a series of weaknesses/tightnesses in certain places which add up to give pain.

Also, my fella and I are looking into getting a dog. I miss my little Candydog. I will let you know how that goes.

What is on your mind at the moment?
Which Hollywood star would you do?
Do you see any body therapists? Do you swear by acupuncture, or go for Reiki?


  1. I hope you find relief from your back soon and that the MRI result is okay.

    Worrying about the Malaysian Airlines flight. Also about the cruelty of terminal illnesses in babies who have of have a day to be a normal little one since the day they were born. Having to suffer through treatment no adult should have to endure.

    On the up side though, thank you for introducing me to some lovely new blogs on your blog roll.

    Work. Yes. Those days and encounters that are so draining and painful to go through. You do learn from them though. About yourself and about what to look out for next time. So much of what we do is pattern recognition at times.

    Sorry for the essay. Thought provoking post that really spoke

  2. Replies
    1. Write as much as you like my dear!
      It just sucks when little'uns get seriously sick. I know somebody whose only child is going through prolonged cancer treatment.

      I always try to be grateful that I am alive, healthy and living in Australia- for all its issues it is a great place to be and we are lucky.

  3. I really hate those people who are all like "I'm too cool to listen to the safety demonstration" on planes. It could be needed one day. I always count the rows to the nearest exit. But then I always check out who would be the yummiest passenger on the plane in case of an emergency requiring severe hunger.

    The last time I flew, I ended up telling off a girl who turned on her phone before the seat belt sign went off. She was playing Farmville. No joke. I could see her screen. Then the guy beside her switched his on. Maybe that whole thing about not having your phones on is overdoing it but I'm not dying or even chipping a nail because some bint is playing unauthorised Farmville.

    Not a fan of Hollywood stars. Actually, I rarely watch Hollywood films.

    1. Japanese films all the way for you!

  4. /\ To Kathrynoh - the phone thing is a hangover rule from when mobiles were first around - they don't interfere with the flight of a plane or communication... the rule is still in place in Australia, but not in other countries. Not sure why. My husband sat next to a Qantas pilot on a Qantas flight and he had his on the whole time, and confirmed it was an urban myth.

    Cilla - so much to catch up on. Firstly, your trip to Sri Lanka sounded so interesting. A lot of your observations remind me of my observations in Vietnam 10 years ago - women wore suits while working in the rice paddy fields. The Western tourists by comparisons looked like slobs. The dog thing was similar too. As we travelled through Vietnam we found the strange mongrel breed of dog would change. My younger sister is a Vet and spent 6 months working on a charity project where they neuter stray dogs in 3rd world countries (and put some down as needed), as it's a huge problem that these countries can't address.
    There's been a lot of bad news in the World the past week. The Oscars were a nice distraction. Sounds like you're nesting if you're thinking about a new pup! xx

    1. Thanks Heidi! Yes I think we are nesting....xx

  5. A new pup is amazing but I am so tired after dogsitting for three weeks for my brother - I am recuperating today. But while it was amazing to have the puppy I couldn't believe how much it changed my routine sooo much. It gave me a lot to think about myself...
    So sad about the plane crash - there are so many rumours about that but I must say that I am thinking a lot about the Pistorius case. I am trying to get out and not watch any live feeds so as not to get wound up. But you do know that Kevin Spacey is on the down low right? House of cards is pretty mental - just finished season two. oy vey is all i can say. I do believe in acupuncture osteopathy but then again I am really into alternative therapy! But Reiki is a tough one because you need to go to a strong person who meditates otherwise their energy can taint yours so do beware xx

    1. Yes I am aware that kevin spacey is on the d-l...
      Not gonna do reiki, osteopathy and acupuncture is about as far out as i will go..i find acupuncture not very effective!
      Thx for your comment xx

  6. I thought I'd drop in having seen you on blogs around the traps.

    Re the still missing aircraft ..v. strange though accidents are rare we worry more about flying than driving and its scary out there on the roads..

    Oscar frocks I liked were Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde many of the others have that dragging fabric that looks like a rug is attached to one's shoe

    Hope work is OK after Friday

    1. Welcome SMR.
      Thankyou for your comment.
      You liked the look of the preggy ladies - Kerry Washington has taken some fashion risks which have mostly paid off but I was undecided on her oscars gown.

  7. I am going to validate you crushing on Kevin Spacey. Ever since I saw The Usual Suspects I have crushed hard on that man even though he normally plays a meanie.

    1. A lady after my own heart!
      welcome to my little bit of the internets. x

  8. The Malaysian Airlines crash is just awful, and I think they haven't handled the media that well in terms of timely communications.
    I hope the osteo makes a positive difference to your back in the long term. I find a regular session with a very sadistic massage guy and my physio keep me in OK form.

  9. omph. heavy indeed. Worthy things to occupy your mind but yes, heavy. In true "distract myself" fashion, I shall focus on the trivial. I so appreciate Kevin Spacey. But I do also Leo. Though Jared Leto wins my game of oscars night gents.