Sunday, 27 October 2013

Movin' (15.5 km race report.)

How are we all today?

Happy Monday!

I was walking to my car near my fella's place this morning. I saw this flower, which was very pretty. Anyone know what type it is?

There were other pretty flowers in that front yard, too. On the fence there was a note, saying "Please don't pick my flowers. Let's all enjoy them".


I am a bit stiff today. It was because I did a 15.5 km fun run yesterday. I decided to do this distance rather than the 10 (it is part of the Spring into Shape series) as "long run" training for the city to sea run in a few weeks.

I had stayed up past midnight the night before, on account of going out for a girlfriend's birthday (more on that later). Hence there was little time in the morning to get organised. I was a bit scatty, and despite taking these pics on my iphone:

Fed Sq, Eureka Building.

Yarra, showing off.

I thought I had left the phone in the car (I had actually left it at the registration desk, which I did not realise until I finished the run....not one of my brighter moments)

With all the kerfuffle with the phone, and not having any music to keep me company, I really had to work hard to focus. Soon, I did. It is nice running along the Yarra. I got into a good pace that I thought I could maintain, and I felt strong. I even started to feel a bit....invincible. One of the lady-front runners told me to keep it up, I was doing a good job.

The first 10km (2 laps) were fairly comfy, it is a distance I am used to. After the second lap there was a girl I saw who was similarly paced to me, so we ran together. It was nice to have some company. I think we kept each other motivated and on-pace. At the 500 metres to go mark, she grabbed my hand and picked up the pace. We crossed the line together and got a cheer from some folks around the finishing chute, as well as a shout-out from the race announcer.

I did my usual post-finishing thing (wander around slightly bent over looking bewildered and catching my breath). I saw my coach, who had been manning our run club marquee, and a couple of the ladies I run with. I took that opportunity to have a breather.


Anyone who runs distances knows how tight certain muscles get, and the utility of a good firm massage. If it doesn't make you groan it is not firm enough. My ladies and I helped each other out in this respect, with a nice firm elbow point into buttocks, like so...


Naturally, I reciprocated. We are very supportive of each other.

There was a yoga session held, which we partook of. It was really nice to do, out in the gardens.

I went home, had some food, and a nap. Then, in keeping with my aim to be more tidy (thanks, by the way, for the support on the last post!) I did some tidying. A big run and a cleaning session! Super virtuous!

It is a good thing I do running, because the weekend was full of yummy treats.

Friday Night we went to San Telmo. I felt a bit crook in the belly and we had to abort the mission.

Saturday I felt better. The fella and I had a big wander around Smith and Brunswick Streets. We worked up an appetite. We had some down south food in the form of Louisiana style sandwiches, at Po'boys.

Dinner was in celebration of a good girlfriend's birthday, at Hell of the North (named after a sector of the Tour de France). We had the Feed Me menu. There was a bit much food (better than too little I suppose). The food was good, but the service was a bit meh, and the waiters were a bit familiar rather than polite. I am a bit picky, being a Melburnian.

Le Charcuterie.

Too much good food!
Still, #firstworldproblems and #YOLO, right?

Cohabitation with the fella is imminent. A massive declutter and pack is now unavoidable. Before I move, in a couple of weeks, the fella and I are off to Christchurch for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary!
And, on Wednesday,  I am getting my coif done.

And how about you? Any exciting plans on the agenda?
Have a good week!


  1. Huge congrats on running that far! I'm so impressed by people who run. I do almost anything to avoid running, so am always in awe of those who choose to to it!
    I'm off to Melbs next month for our 20th wedding anniversary - am very much looking forward to 3 days and nights of gluttony and hedonism!

    Good luck with your 'do, the trip to NZ and your upcoming move!

    1. If there's time and the stars align, your people should talk to my people and we can have a beverage together when you come to Melb.

    2. I run without music, have for many years now. You get to engage with those around you. People listening to music tend not to be as encouraging or supportive during races or manage a 'good morning' when training. Just an observation.

      Moving in with the fella? Cilla, I'm so happy for you!

    3. Casie I usually run without music. It was just because it was a longer run and I wanted some company :D

  2. And I think the flower at top is a fox glove...

  3. The flower is a snap dragon. My mum used to grow them and we'd run our hands up them and strip all the flowers off -- and get suitably punished. Kids are shits.

  4. Love WALKInG along the Yarra from the botanical gardens to the city is one of my face routes in the world. Amazing you can run. Still bewilders me this running concept. And must be exciting moving in and decluterring and all that. Don't do what I did. Have great plans to decluterring but then just pour it into a box.

  5. I am quite jealous of your 15.5km as I am still shuffling along and only make it to about 5k!

    I am with Casie and think the flower is a foxglove.

    Take care.

    1. Before you know it you'll be doing a half marathon. We all have to start somewhere.

  6. Well done!

    I love running along the Yarra! My favourite run used to be from my house near Melbourne Grammar, down St Kilda Rd to Fed Square, along the river and all those cool platforms to the Grange Rd bridge, then over the bridge and back along the river to home. About 14km of loveliness.

  7. Yay for you with your 15 kms! I need to commit to a half-marathon- any excuse to carbo load. I have no idea what that flower is but it is so pretty. Enjoy Christchurch!