Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Auntie Flo.

Hallo lovelies.

I am talking TTOM today. (That Time of Month).

I generally don't suffer too severely. Perhaps a bit "speak to the hand, the face don't wanna know" in the lead up, maybe a little bit of crampy action.

But I crave carbs like a mofo.

More specifically, cake.

Last night, the Fella was showing me pics from facebook including lots of cute baby animals, with a few cakes interspersed. I moaned every time a cake came on the iPad screen. I asked him if he was trying to kill me.

Yes, I was a bit petulant last night. Not only because of the carb craving but there was only crap on telly. The only thing that I could tolerate was Dancing with the Stars, and that was very borderline. And then they kicked Tony Barber off. Tony Barber, the gameshow king who reminds me of a nice uncle I have. A true gentleman.

Bastards.(I actually yelled out something a bit more coarse)

Then I moaned some more that I wanted chocolate.

My fella, who has been a little under the weather himself, said "I don't have any chocolate but there are licorice allsorts in my bag."

I wailed "Why didn't you tell me????!!!" And proceeded to nom.

Today, the cake craving has abated. Somewhat.

So tell me:

What food do you crave? That time? Other times?

Actually, reading this post back, I reflect that I might get a bit....feral....

Here is a picture of some cake. You are welcome.


  1. Hahahahahahha classic.

    I don't crave, nor do I notice any changes to my general attitude, but I suffer TERRIBLY in all other aspects. I usually have to take a day off work, and several prescription-only painkillers. Seeing a specialist about it all right now actually. After years of trying acupuncture and other rubbish.

    Good times :)

  2. PS you captcha thing just showed me a pic of pasta. SERIOUSLY.

  3. Milk, specifically chocolate milkshakes. Don't drink milk any other time of the month.
    Really enjoy your blog by the way.
    Rach from SA

  4. Potato chips and fries and croquettes. But I also crave magnesium baths. You gotta try it helps with cramps no end!

  5. I always crave chocolate... anytime of the month!