Thursday, 18 April 2013

Things I like Thursday.

Well Hello!

It has been a little while - bit of a busy week. It is about to get even busier.
I have 2 photo shoots scheduled next week! Of little old moi! Exciting!

I used to have a lot more "stuff" - on paper. Husband. House in trendy suburb (actually mortgage in trendy suburb). Good money.

I still have a lot, and what's more, I appreciate it. I feel no more need to accumulate "stuff" and focus much more on "feelings" and "experiences".

And the little things. Things that I now stop and take notice of.

Even more important with some of the horrible things that have been happening in the world. We have to be content in the here and now. Bless Baghdad and boston.
And without further ado....

  • Cooking shows. Jamie's 15 minute meals. Food Safari (esp those with Asian/African/Middle Eastern themes), Yotam Ottolenghi. So much foodspiration.
  • K-Mart. I love the ads, particularly an old one where the grandma gives the granddaughter $10 and they go on the bus and they go buy cool stuff together at Kmart. I am tearing up now. I miss my nanna.
  • Things that remind me of nanna. When I moved out of my marital home, one of the first things I bought was a mohair blanket. Bargain on ebay. Nanna used to wrap us up in a bright orange one. Today, I had soup with bread dunked in it, and that tasted like being at nanna's. Using terms like "wireless" instead of radio.
  • Funny Advertisements. Like this one with the bikie and the lamb roast. Check this out.Bikie Ad
  • Making dad jokes. Just because I'm not a dad (and never will be, at least without major surgery) it does not mean I can't crack jokes with the best of them. And I never, ever get sick of them. For example, I present my clear plate to the waiter at a restaurant and say "I didn't enjoy that at all". And in my job, I often have to measure older people's height. They often say "I've shrunk", to which I reply "Did somebody put you in the washing machine?" HAW HAW HAW. Well I think it's funny.
  • Homewares shops. Cheap little utensils in Kmart. Thermomixes (or their cheap cousins). Food processors. I recently made some purchases at Howard's storage world. Love that shop. Though I am a bit of a tease as I look a lot and buy very little.
  • Looking at homes for sale, especially in trendier suburbs, and taking a guess at what they might be worth.
  • Music Like this
  • (Saw the Lumineers live on Good Friday. I am a convert)
  • Making holiday plans. Going on holidays.
  • Swimming. Hearing my breath in the water. How it makes my aching back feel.
  • Telling war stories about my marathon.
  • Making banana cake - my fella likes it, and I like to cook for him. I did one today, as I had over-ripe bananas that were begging me to transform them into cake. And the weather is perfect for procrastibaking. Here is proof.:

  • Grossing my fella out with stories about my job.
  • My running group - such a lovely group of girls, great coach, so glad I am back after my injury.
  • A well co-ordinated outfit, behold:
  • my purple pair of AG jeans. not that you can see them. And I love this cardie. 
  • Aldi Supermarkets. Supermarkets in general. Overseas supermarkets, except perhaps in Cuba. Communist country supermarkets are not very interesting.
What simple things do you enjoy?

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