Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Weekend in Restaurants: The Confused Mexican.

1. Friday Night Dinner: Blue Corn, St Kilda.
Blue Corn, 203 Barkly St, St Kilda - Urbanspoon Site

Fridays for me are a killer. All activity I do that day is draining, from work at one place, the drive to another work place, the work at the other place, then the drive down Punt Road or via the city to go to the Beach House (aka the fella's house in Elwood).

I really quite like going to Elwood though. I have not previously spent that much time in that part of town; I was strictly a north or west of the Yarra girl. All. My. Life. I am very partial to the beach. I like the people watching. Lots of nice little pure breed dogs to pat.

Anywho, I fancied some Mexican food. I am a fan of Mexican food, and have been to San Fran, Albuquerque (New Mexico) and Mexico City in recent travels, so I have had a good taste (FYI the thing I like to do more than shopping overseas is eating overseas).

The Fella suggested Blue Corn. I was excited; I have been keen to try it out. I was starving. And I was in very dire urgent need of a Margarita.

I will preface everything I say from now on by saying that I am a bit of a purist when it comes to Mexican Food and Drink - Ain't Broke, Don't Fix, IMHO.

The Margaritas were good. Although I am used to tasting a bit more Tequila and a bit less of the other ingredients, thanks to Juan the Bartender in Mexico city (helloooo, free Margarita and helloooo freepour). And I like FROZEN, dangit. I want my tequila and my brainfreeze!

To eat, we had some corn chips and salsa to start. We shared the Pasilla Braised Lamb Burrito with Mint Mojo, and the Scallop and Chorizo tacos.

I quite liked the S and C tacos, but there main fillings were stuck together with cheese, guacamole and corn. A bit greasy and bland. And it took away the shine of the main ingredients. Scallops and Chorizo are awesome things.

I was not at all keen on the Lamb dish. It was again a bit bland. I could taste no mint, but there was the aforementioned guacamole and corn, plus little bits of eggplant and sundried tomato. There were olives around the dish, which was fancily plated. I don't know what it was playing at, but did not think it was very Mexican.

I don't think Mexican food is about jumbling a few ingredients together, mixing it with corn and guacamole, putting some cheese on top and slapping it on a taco, that's what I am getting at here.

The bill came to just over $100 - I have had an entree, 2 meals and 2 drinks a bit cheaper than this. Service wasn't bad. Though I hate it when a restaurant is empty and they say "do you have a booking" - yes I know it is because people have booked for later but they could do a bit of table shuffling, no?

I have eaten some amazing mexican food overseas, in fairly unassuming and cheap places. There is some pretty amazing food here in Melbourne, from the cheap (Taco Truck) to the more costly (Mamasita - if you have not queued up with the hipsters at Pensioner hour, you must, it is worth it).

Consider this a bullet I have taken for you, and give this place a bit of a sidestep. There is better Mexican to be had around town.

Meanwhile, Cheers!
Hola, from the Margarita Sisters!

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