Sunday, 21 April 2013

The weekend in review. Setting the intentions for the week ahead.

Sunday evening can be a bit of an anxious time, a bit of a downer, especially if the week ahead is big and scary and busy. I actually have a lot of stuff on this week (including twice I have to look nice to get my photo taken - oh the stress!)

It is a good time to think about all the nice things I did on the weekend. I never used to enjoy my weekends, used to see them as a big chasm of nothing. During the time which I shall refer to as my *special single time*, I learned to fill my weekends with fun things. I was too scared to sit at home, for fear of what might enter my mind. Finally I got to a point where I was happy to be busy but happy to just chill in my own company. Now I like a bit of both. This weekend was a nice mixture.

Friday night I had nothing planned, and the fella was at a work function, so I got down and dirty with my washing. I have one of those old top loader washing machines, 10 years old, and it cracks the sads every time I do sheets and towels in there. It makes loud thumpy noises then stops, so I have to stand by it. But I digress.

Saturday, we started slow. The fella has bought a stand-up paddleboard, and we have used it before and taken turns. He is a bit past sharing his toys, so, bless his cotton socks, he bought a second hand one that I could use. Recently I bought a wetsuit, what with the water getting colder and all. It was a cheapy but does the job.

There was a time when I would never have had the confidence to strut about in a wetsuit, or a bathing suit, but this year has seen me wear an bikini and don said rubber suit. Like a boss.

St Kilda Beach, making a bold fashion statement. The steed is on the right of the picture.
Though the water was flat (and therefore good), the wind was very strong, and it was hard to paddle anywhere. Even harder to stand up, hence I kneeled. It is hard to kneel and paddle and go in the direction you want. The photos are indicative but neither show the exertion on my face nor reveal the cuss words I said. Behold.

I ended up going out near the boats, but paddling into the wind, my little girly arms soon became exhausted and I ended up on all fours on the board, thinking that I would like a nice cuppa tea and a lie down. I paddled back to shore and had a breather. I hit shore downwind of where I had left my stuff. We got back in the water after my breather to paddle back upwind, but ended downwind further.

Practice makes perfect, anyway.

That night, we had a birthday party to go to, and had to wear a hat. We could have gone with a running cap or a fedora, but decided to get a bit creative and make our own.

Blogger Smaggle encouraged us to do something that would have delighted us as a child in this post, and I used to love me a bit of crafting - Mum would have us amused for hours with bits of material, paper, glue and glitter, though budgets were tight and resources were sometimes limited. It was great to be able to have carte blanche for paper and sparkly things at the newsagent, on my discretionary income!

I went for a tiara ensemble, and the fella had a hankering after a fez. I was instrumental to the architecture of both, showing my childhood facility with cardboard and scissors. The fella got a bit cranky trying to put his hat together, and putting on the sequins to spell kia ora (he is kiwi, he is doing the moroccan/kiwi fusion thing). I calmly took over and made the had sufficiently fez-like. See?

Tassel was fashioned from magazine paper and sticky tape, by me.
You will be glad to know we won a prize of a box of Lindt chocolates for our efforts.

Today's outing consisted of visiting a friend with her newborn girl, a first child. Such a relaxed little bubba, who was happy to cuddle with the visitors. Mum was doing very well, bless her. Rather than flowers, I bought her some fancy ready meals from a posh foodstore; meals that could be eaten using one hand. I learned the importance of this on a blog somewhere. The couple appreciated it.

Now onto things I want to achieve this week. I am all for small, achievable goals. Here they are

  • Do my best at running training, don't use the presence of a fill-in coach as an excuse to slack off
  • Be prepared - pack lunch, get out breakfast things, arrange outfit the night before. It makes me feel very virtuous. 
  • Watch a movie off fetch-tv; I have had this for a few months and only watched one film. I should put it to good use.
  • Eat vegies at lunch and dinner each day, as many as I can get in. To this end, baby spinach leaves have been bought. The good, pre-washed ones.
  • Keep the weeknight alcohol minimal. And the weekend alcohol reasonable.
  • Go for a ride or long run on Anzac day.
  • Stay calm in all the busy-ness
What are your goals for the week? Did you enjoy your weekend?

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