Saturday, 13 April 2013

OOTD - The internationalist.

I have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of travelling, on both business and pleasure (mostly pleasure). And I love to go and look in the shops, marvel at the couture, and marvel at how comparatively cheap the couture is. It is really little surprise that Aussie Fashionistas (and Fashionistoes - the male equivalent) are heading online - the choice and price is superior.

However, I love a bit of skin-on-skin, real life clothes-buying action. And there are clothes shops like Anthropologie that just are not available here.  I could easily spend a whole day in that shop. I have - in London and SF.

Last night, I went out with my dear friend Y, for dinner in Northcote. As I clothed for dinner, I realised that everything I was wearing, barring bra and undies, were from trips overseas. It is a sort of uncomfortable-in-betweeny- weather in Melbourne (I believe the lingo is transeasonal) and I had to pick a weather appropriate outfit, which is hard.


Lacy Top - Shop in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco (on my first trip there)
Camisole - New Look, Dubai, 2011
Jeans - Adriano Goldschmeid (AG), Anthropologie, San Francisco (my second trip there)
Shoes - Pilcro, Anthropologie, San Francisco
Beads - From Airport in Bilbao, Spain. They look a bit Spanish, no?

Here is a gratuitous close-up of the shoes. The photo above does not capture their true fabulousness. See:

I really recommend AG jeans. Normally jeans buying makes me fly into a rage; I have short legs, big thighs and a big bum with a smaller waist, and a lot of jeans manufacturers don't make stuff that flatters me. I now own 3 pairs of these jeans (the first two bought on sale) and they are flattering, comfy and stylish - the holy trinity. And also, no exposure of butt crack. Hallelujah.

What is the best couture you have bought overseas?

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  1. Love the shoes. The stripes make them.

    I don't have a lot of stuff from o/s since I've mainly been to Asia and the sizing is so small - although have got stuff at Forever 21 etc. Oh and love my Uniqlo cardis - so cheap and so good.

    It's a pity in a way so many shops are going international now. Convenient I guess but takes some of the fun out of it when you see the same stores everywhere.