Sunday, 14 April 2013

OOTD - the declutter.

Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Faux Fuchsia, I actioned a declutter on my closet yesterday. If the item of clothing didn't give me mojo, it was sent off to Savers, where hopefully it would give somebody else mojo.

I really need to capitalise on fairly minimal space. To that end, I took myself off to Howards Storage World to get some things to store things in, plus a very nifty garlic crusher.

It is always fun doing a clean out, as you are again acquainted with clothes and accessories that you forgot you had. Kind of like shopping, but without the spending and the telltale shopping bags.

What I learned about my couture collection.
1. I have too much black. I am not to buy any more black things. Black is not the new black.
2. I have lots of tops in a cream colour
3. I have heaps of accessories and need to make sure I wear them to put more oomph into an outfit.
4. I have a lot of Frocks (would NEVER say I have too many because a girl can NEVER have too many frocks). Many of them are Leona Edmiston Ruby (ie the cheaper line she does). Don't even get me started about Leona, I love her frocks.

Anywho, here are the after shots from the declutter. Behold:

Got me one of those little makeup caddy thingies, looks tres professional.

Accessories hangy thingy, with lucky running cap hanging atop.

So without too much fuss this morning, I could assemble a snazzy ensemble. My job has seen me go from "need to look very respectable in clothes that I don't mind ruining with (other's) body fluids" to "I can look less respectable (but no jeans), I sit at a desk and am not at risk of copping errant body fluids but I need to be comfy". ie. PhD candidate.

Here is


Cardie: Cotton on
Cream top (one of a few I own :/): Country Road, last season, on sale
Leggings: Sussan
Ankle Boots: Django and Juliette, from Cinori in Brighton
Necklace: Gifted, from a friend who bought it at "A Quirk of Fate" in Northcote. Incidentally, the beads are made of silicon and are good for babies to grab a hold of. My friend was at pains to tell me this. I am not expecting a baby so I don't know why (? Auntie Aspirations)  but you will agree they are nice beads

I had always been a proponent of big neclace/not big earrings and vice versa, but for such a blank canvas I went both. The Earrings deserve a closeup

Earrings: Klei, from a little shop in East Brunswick called Five Boroughs. These were gotten ages ago but they have similar still there. The grey works in well with the Grey in the beads.

Regarding leggings, I will wear them but they have to be thick and sturdy enough not to show every little bump and nook and cranny. Also, I am slavish about butt coverings when I wear leggings. Just a thing I have. I am considering colourful pant purchases for the winter - perhaps some skinny jeans in a block dark colour, or peg leg pants with a fine pattern or block colour. Peg legs look the business with ankle boots.

I am loving ankle boots at the moment, probably even more than knee boots (but seeing Nina Proudman in long boots soon will modify this). I am looking forward to the weather where I can wear my knee high boots - I have a couple of pairs that are stalwarts and always draw compliments. I am currently lusting after the blue leather ones she wears on the ad for Offspring - if the shoe shops had any sense whatsoever they would be making cheap knockoff copies quick smart.

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