Sunday, 9 November 2014

Less meh, more vegies. Adult acne.

Hi All.

My Meh of last week has settled and I am feeling a bit more raring to go.
I have started project "optimum health for hopefully getting up the duff (and also for me)".

I do 3 by group training sessions a week, but have started doing a couple of other 0.5-1 hour workouts per week as well. Hence my exercise is very good.

Eating optimally (and drinking wine judiciously) is a bit more of a challenge. I thought "I know what to do" but I went and picked the brain of a dietitian at work. She showed me the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. She also encouraged the cut right back on wine thing, and finally, I have.

Here is what one should be eating.

And Here are the serving sizes - I draw your attention to a serve of cooked pasta being half a cup!

The most challenging thing, and the thing I have been concentrating on, is getting the five serves of vegetables in! The thing with eating more veg is that it is completely non-controversial - there is lots of quibbling about other diet related things but just about everyone in the know agrees on this!

If those 5 serves were all potatoes, I would have no problem, I think.

It is quite sobering to think of how our usual dietary patterns deviate from this, even if we think we eat reasonably well.

I am clearly going through my awkward phase from 12-45. I have experienced a surge in what can only be described as zits.

I had pretty bad acne which was at its worst around age 17. It kept potentially interested boy-folk away so that I could study. A blessing in disguise. I have always been glass half full.

Much of the more effective vitamin A based stuff is off limits for me. My skin gets a bit oily but is still very sensitive, and that benzoyl peroxide based stuff just about burns my face off.

I saw an infomercial about this, so I went and got a starter kit from Woolies. It retails for 30 bux.

Image via Terry White Chemists.

It is based on salicylic and glycolic acids. It is a wee bit drying, but less so than other acne treatments. If my skin gets a bit dry I skip straight from the cleanser to the repair cream. My skin looks a bit glowy after I put it all on.

So far, so good.

Sundee night, big week ahead.

So tell me....
Do you have the worst case scenario of wrinkles and zits or are you blessed with baby skin?
What skin products do you swear by?
How well does your dietary intake match with the official recommendations? (Fess up, no judgement here)


  1. Hilarious re the dietician pulling out the AGHE!!! As if you wouldn't know...
    You know I still get a cracker of a zit every now and then...
    No rhyme or reason. Prayed I would not get a huge one just before my wedding a few years back. Stay dedicated. Xx

  2. I have wrinkles and pimples. It's like some kind of cruel joke from Mother Nature. It improves when I eat really well, and keep up my zinc levels.
    As for the eating thing, an easy way to get more veggies in is either in a smoothie (I do a lot of baby spinach leaves with banana and mint and a bit of water), or to slow roast the cut up veggies (in bite sizes - zucchini/ pumpkin/ onion/ mushrooms/ cherry tomatoes) with some olive oil and sea salt at 160C for 2-3 hours. You get a delicious roast veggie salad (add avocado/ rocket/ olives etc at the end). The roasting takes out moisture and they sort of shrink down. You end up eating a lot more veggies than you normally would. I do a huge tray full or two in my oven and then eat them for the next few days.
    Portion sizes are the key though. I agree xx

  3. Koreans eat more veggies per capita and I swear it's so delicious and it's not an effort but western foo didn't as conducive to veggies with the exception of real Mediterranean food. Makes a huge difference bc I am lethargic now I am back to my London routine. Re skin I had great skin until I was 29 snd I went to every dermatologist out there. I mean in several countries bc it was bad and in the end I went to a Chinese medicine doctor who said I was eating too much chili and other diagnosis and three months later my skin cleared up. I had a whole new respect for TCM after that tho I know it's a contentious subject for some. Hope you find your solution but I dare say it might not necessarily be a topical one but an internal one. X

  4. I have no pimples, but dry, eczema-prone skin and heaps of wrinkles!
    I love veggies and fruit, but it's hard to get the required amounts down on a daily basis unless I'm super well-organised (which I am not)
    I make up for it at the weekend, so I guess I binge eat veggies....

    I stopped drinking to excess just before my ankle surgery. It has made a huge difference to how I feel on a daily basis. I only drink wine at the weekend, unless there's an occasion, and then only a max of 3 glasses with food.
    Before this I used to get through a bottle or so a night with J.... not a huge amount, but too much for me.
    Girlfriends with acne swear by Paula's Choice stuff - seems she does good adult acne stuff.

  5. I didn't know this product. In my last post you can find my facial rutine.