Monday, 24 November 2014

Slow, but not over.


The time spent at my computer is being increasingly devoted to scholarly pursuits.
My brain power is being increasingly focussed on writing my thesis. Next year may bring more gainful employment, and hence there is a lot of pressure to work faster on the PhD.

So I am going to apologise and say that the blog posts may be a bit few and far between for the next little while.

I will be posting when big inspiration takes hold, or if there are any big/interesting events. Or if I wish to post a picture of something pretty.

But I still very much enjoy reading your blogs, and will comment.

I consider you my friends and will share your colour, ups, downs, house renovations and your quest to find pleasure in the little things. I will remain out-n-about on social media. I won't be far away.

All the very best in preparation for a wonderful festive season.
Big hugs and much love
C xxxxx


  1. well, we all know you're busy so if you're not around on the blogs it certainly doesn't offend at all. Hope the writing goes well and the muse strikes (well, whatever muse it is that helps with a Thesis!). Will look forward to your triumphant post of "I've finished"! in the hopefully not too distant future xxx

  2. Work hard and take some breaks. Sending you clear thought and deep insight. And hugs. xx