Sunday, 16 November 2014

Goody 2 shooz.

Greetings, interweb friends!

I've been rather slackola on the bloggy front of late, but I've been very good in other aspects of my life....

Lately, if a day goes by where I don't run, I crave it. The thing I like doing at the moment, run wise, is going to Prinny park and doing a Fartlek session (it has nothing to do with botty toots). And, as with everything, there is an app for that. I am also actually enjoying my group sessions and look forward to them.

Must be the time of the year, with the weather improving.

I have performed a hardcore declutter (to borrow from FF) of my wardrobe and drawers. I can actually find stuff now.

I have been eating my veggies.

I expanded my cooking repertoire into Fillo Pastry.

Behold my spanakopita, full of green goodness.

I have taken the advice of a professorly type and been doing the "small amounts frequently" thing on the thesis. I have put a fixed time goal on the first chapters of the thesis (Dec 3). Might have to tee myself up a special reward for it.

I have even cut back on the wine. Quite substantially. And feeling better for it.

I have been loving the guts off this stuff:

image from coles online. No artificial sweetener.

I have been appreciating the abundance of spring.

However the goodness went out the window today - we went to Taste of Melbourne for some good food and drink, and plenty in the way of champers.

At the back was the dish of the day- the soft shell crab souvlaki from the Gazi stand. I have never been able to get into Gazi, so it was great to try some of their food. In front is a braised wallaby bun!

We saw a whole lamb being butchered ("oh, so that's where those chops come from").
It's good to have a feel for the provenance of the produce, is it not?

Ok so there was also good food had last night. I have been a bit obsessed with all things mozzarella/ bocconcini at the moment. But the king of them all is burrata. Like a sac of creamy milky goodness.

Here is a gnocchi dish I ate last night, with Burrata.

The sac was cut open and all the runny cheesy goodness leached out into the tomato sauce. Very simple and very good!

But it's back on the straight and narrow tomorrow....

Meanwhile, we have been in full spin mode with the state election in Victoria. Pretty much all of the ads have been focussed on lambasting other parties rather than what the party can offer. It's just a race to the bottom, mostly. Though the Greens look like they might nab a few lower house seats in the inner city, unless the dirty preference deals between the major parties scupper them.

off to beddy-byes....

What about you? What have you been obsessed with lately? 
And what good habits have you adopted?


  1. But his do they in artificially get peach flavour in that drink? Do good you crave running like I crave French fries. Sounds like you are back on track and good to hear! X

  2. Good on you for meeting Lofty Goals. Mt Fascinata is always going on about Vic head is like a sieve for it.
    That burrata looks as good as cheese can be. I am always disappointed with those little supermarket brand bocconcini balls.
    I lost a kg last week and then had this long weekend (g20) and put it back.
    I've done that Fartlek training. It was exhausting!!!!
    Good girl, keep it up.
    Have strict rules about drinking sozzle these days. Well done. Xxx

  3. In awe of your running and those blooms are gorgeous.

    I tried kale and let's leave it at that...

    SSG xxx

  4. I am always obsessed with Gazi. Just book. It is so so good. I can't say I've ever had burrata. I must fix that- is that from That's Amore cheese? I've seen one on their website that sounds oozy in the middle.

  5. So glad you explained those food photos!! I had looked at them on Insta and couldn't for the life of me work out what it was!
    Well done on the declutter. I did a big one last month, and it felt good to get organised. I am fairly ruthless though - FF commented I didn't have a lot of clothes in my dressing room, so I repeated that to my husband who laughed hysterically… so I guess we all have different standards maybe?! xx

  6. How gorgeous are the flowers. So stunning! Rachel xx