Saturday, 16 August 2014

Unlock Your Style book launch

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

I was lucky enough to get a spot at the Unlock Your Style book launch, and meet the beautiful author, Nikki Parkinson. Also I got to meet the gorgeous Carly, of Smaggle.

If you looked up the word Charming in the dictionary, you would see a pic of these two ladies.

The message was very much that every woman deserves to feel good about themselves.

There are so many messages out there, both implicit and explicit, that try to make women feel less than gorgeous, that they must improve on something. Multi-million dollar businesses are predicated on making us feel needful of something, or feel inferior. If you don't believe me, just look at a few ads and think about what they imply. But I digress.

Nikki breaks down the method to looking and feeling fabulous into something that all of us can confidently and simply achieve. It's about wearing things because they give you mojo, or boom chicka wah wah, and if they don't, they don't deserve to be taking up valuable real estate in your closet (or money out of your account).

It's also about looking after your skin, and how a bit of simple makeup can lift you into looking super.

"Fine Feathers Make the Bird", as my crazy Auntie used to say.

I can't tell you how much people like her have improved my sense of style and, subsequently, body confidence.

Also Nikki and Carly are genuinely friendly, warm ladies.

Here are some pics.

Carly, after she introduced the guest of honour.
Nikki, 'splaining things.

Me with the Doyenne.

watching a thoughtful inscription on the book

cuddling with Carly. She is tall and I felt safe....

And I have been putting a bit more thought into my outfits lately. Here are some. My little bro told me that my full length mirror has been seeing lots'o'selfie action recently. It has. Believe in your selfie, they say.

Now some weekend baking awaits. Some food shopping. Some internet shopping. Patting/teasing the dog. Our neighbours have thrown a welcome drinks thing this arvo. A nice Sundee arvo.

What are you up to?
What have you been wearing recently?


  1. Sounds like an amazing book - and I love the outfit you wore to the launch!

  2. Nice. I enjoyed reading this. I admire anyone who can get a book off the ground. I like the saying that 'everyone has a book in them'.
    Your selfie technique is 5 star. I always squint with concentration - then it looks like rubbish.
    I am going to a MBFF parade next week and will be wearing an Alannah Hill rose print blouse, zebra print skirt (Big W) and a red feather headpiece (not my work but by a designer Elizabeth R.
    All other outfits have been worn to death pilling polyester....for the chalkface's rigours.
    Not all Style Unlocking 24/7 in this neck of the woods. Xx

  3. We are all sick so am in in my pjs at lunch time x

  4. I'm a big advocate of makeup every day. I remember when I had my first baby that all the books etc tell you to have pyjama days, don't worry if you don't have a shower etc etc. Total rubbish. I made sure I had a shower every morning and was dressed and had some semblance of makeup on (even if it was just under eye concealer for the bags) as it made me feel so much better and in control of the uncontrollable. A big part of all women's self esteem is tied to their appearance (it just is, there's no denying it), and it's really just making the best of what you have. No one is perfect… I've just learnt what shapes suit me and stick to that regardless of fashion. You will not see me in those trendy colourful silky pj pants that are so in at the moment. They make me look horrible as my legs are definitely not my best feature, and I'm not tall. Make the most of what you have! Love your outfits in this post btw. x