Thursday, 7 August 2014

Heads, shoulders, knees and feet.

I've been missing my fella, as he has been in Peru, at a conference. 
He sent me these. They are lovely, but sadly he did not burst out of them, singing (or indeed at all)

But I have had plenty to distract me.

On Sunday, I was an examiner at the physicians exam. Young physician candidates from all over the country came to go head to head with us.

We had to be there at 7:30 in the morning and were on the go till 5:30pm. It was fun and challenging and exhausting.

Monday was frenetic as well - I was doing work things in all corners of Melbourne, driving between them, and I started my new job.

Tuesday and Wednesday were chockers too. Last night was the finale of my favourite-ever-show, Offspring. I had some lady friends over for wine and salad and lady-pie (or spanakopita). For reference, meat pie is man-pie. Or is that sexist?

I commissioned the baking of the spanakopita, by my trainer. Her talents truly know no bounds

It was devoured.

The show last night was fantastic, if not a bit trite. It certainly tied up the vast majority of the loose ends, and left Nina happy and hopeful.

The frame of Patrick's ghost being there, being all Patricky, just about undid me.

Today I have had the afternoon off. I went to the podiatrist. I have been having a bit of knee pain. My shoes, it turns out, are fine. I was referred off to a running-specific physiotherapist to sort my stride out, and sent for an x-ray. My kneecaps might be a bit arthritic! I have also been told to alternate runners to get different inputs going in, which is healthy.

I have also capitulated and bought a GHD. It does good curls. Just have to learn to do the back now... anyone have any ideas or tips?

I have been doing a fast day today. I have made this soup. It is a thermomix recipe but you can adjust it and use a food processor. You can thank me later. It is very simple but very elegant and very filling.

It has been a bit easier today, the fasting thing. I find it best to defer my food intake until as late in the day as I can.

On Saturday, I have to drive my mum down to Mornington, for my Sister's birthday. Wish me luck.

Next week, I am off to the Unlock Your Style launch! The outfit is being plotted.

What have you guys been up to?


  1. Nose down and derrière up at the chalkface. Open Day today ensued in a 13 hour day. Work conference all day Saturday...
    Spanokopita looks delish. I love the little tablecloth under it.
    Lovely fella to send flowers. :Dxx
    Enjoy Style launch. Please post it.

  2. What lovely roses! I can't do fast days bc I end up gorging at the end of the day but I would love to do it for the HGH uptake but hey ho. Still warm here - weather is amazing but being eclipsed by the news...I love the mornington x

  3. What beautiful flowers. Sorry to hear about your knees- knees were always an issue for me with running. Say hi to Nikki! x

  4. Beautiful flowers!

    Sorry to hear about the knees....

    Enjoy meeting Nikki!!!

    SSG xxx

  5. Aww what a lovely guy sending you flowers. They're gorgeous. Bummer about your knees. I'm actually having sore knees with running sometimes, I should get it checked out, sounds stupid but I'm too nervous in case it's something I don't want to hear. But I will book in on Monday :-)