Thursday, 28 August 2014


Well I have had all of these great blog post ideas but I just have not gotten around to writing a post, hence my usual brain dump of miscellania.

Last weekend, I went out to a hen's night of a colleague of my fella's. It was lovely of her to include me. It was in St Kilda, so a sassy girls night outfit had to be arranged. I duly got all sequinned, skinny jeaned, ghd-ed, smokey eyed and generally gussied up. Yet I forgot to take a selfie (if a fab outfit isn't selfied, did it occur, I wonder?). So I went into the toilet at the restaurant with my phone to take said selfie and phone did a dunny duck dive.

And died.

This, people, is the price of vanity.

The rice trick did not work.

Anyway I was forced to spend NEARLY 48 HOURS without a phone.

I actually found it quite liberating.

That Sunday, I took the train into the city, and was forced to actually sit and notice things. Like how good some of the graffiti is on buildings near the train line. And how many people sit looking at their phones. And how leggings do not do as trousers under anything shorter than a dress. And how the ladies with the best style are usually those who appear over 40. Imagining some gangly young men and women of about 16 or 17 all grown up and looking stunning.

As my eyes were peeled, I managed to scope out a dress for a couple of more formal wedding parties that I am attending...

I bought this one. It is a bit Downton Abbey and quite pretty on. I have some art-deco style accessories that I will wear with it. Plus I bought some sparkly heeled sandals to wear. All on sale! Bargasms!

The work week was fairly standard, the usual ups and downs. Last week, one of the secretaries where I work accidentally deleted my dictated letters from the dictaphone. She was super apologetic. I was all like "it's ok, really"; it rates fairly low on my inconvenience/annoyance list. This week she bought me a powerball ticket to say sorry. I was all like "you didn't need to"....

Well I believe I have won myself $43!!

It should be a good weekend!

We are off to the day wedding of this couple on Saturday. Next week we are off to Singapore for some R and R, but also to attend their proper wedding (and don my nice pink dress). Looking forward to it.

What would you spend a $43 windfall on?
How would you style this dress?


  1. I yelled out, 'Oh, no!' When I read about your phone...
    Love the long gown. It is beautiful, get as much Art Deco looking glam on it as you like, it will look fabulous!
    $43? I would have to put it on my Visa card which is up around 2K all of a sudden! And, it's the credit card I 'don't use'. Have to pull fiscal reigns in. Enjoy the weddings. I love a wedding. Sadly my big run of them is over.

  2. Dress looks good. I know many who would use 43 bucks on more tattslotto! I say have a nice drink with the fella. or is that not enough in melbourne naymore?

    the phone thing. i used to have the first iphone which is what i had when we had lunch and it had no functions and it was liberating bc no one expected anything from me but now i got a new phone and people want me to join whatsapp and other forums...the only thing i dont like is when people ask why you didnt answer the phone or text etc.

  3. Love that dress, how pretty! I kind of wish I'd lose my phone again because my stupid Facebook internet addiction is exhausting

  4. I love the dress!

    Know how you feel about having ideas for a post only to lose them and ramble instead. Story of my life.

    SSG xxx

  5. I don't get the phone addiction. When I was staying with my friend in Geneva, his bf (who lives in London) kept having hissy fits because friend didn't respond to texts fast enough or often enough. I'd hate being in a relationship like that.

    Gambling wins should be spent on crazy shit. That's like a rule or something.

  6. Sorry, laughing about the phone. The true price of Vanity indeed!! What did we used to do with ourselves before selfies, and instant entertainment when travelling on public transport/ walking down the street…..
    Love the pink dress, the Singapore wedding sounds really fun! Enjoy x