Saturday, 2 August 2014

A rockin' Saturday night...

I am having a quiet one tonight, have a very early start tomorrow, examining. Have to have the game face on.

Last night we went to Becco, an Italian restaurant in the city. I think I have been a bit spoiled by Masterchef and previous culinary experiences. A menu on the item said "Becco Fish and Chips". At $39 per main serve, I thought it would be some ingenious re-imagining or deconstruction of fish and chips. I was wrong. It was just battered fish and shoestring fries with a bit of home-made tartare and a wedge of lemon. Not even a bit of salad. The cheeky devils! $39!!

I saw the fella off to a conference overseas early this morning. He will be missed, but the calendar is packed until he comes back.

My little furry friend has happily taken his spot on the couch.

I went out to the city and bought some work clothing today. I had been hanging out to try a Jimmy Grant Souvlaki, so I went to the outlet at the Emporium.

I tried the signature souva, the Bonegilla (chicken and lamb). The were all made freshly, in proper greek Pitas.

And this was it:

It was a bit small, as you can see. But it was delicious - full of tender lamb and chicken (not the chewy stuff off a spit). And chips! And mustard aioli! It could've done with some fresh vegies (tomato or onion or a bit of lettuce) but it was yummy.

I was going to go out and see an arthouse flick, but I was worried my little mate here was getting lonely. Hence I am here with my butt glued to the couch, after attending to the chores.

On a bit more of a serious note, I saw the Women in Black this morning

They are a group of Jewish Feminists who speak out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and abhor the violence committed. I had a chat with them; many of the Jews in Melbourne are descendants of Holocaust Survivors, and are Zionists. They strongly support a Jewish state. These women aren't part of the mainstream Jewry here in Melbourne.

They spoke passionately against the violence and "land grabs", the abuses of human rights occuring in Palestine. People in Palestine are stateless, and have to cross Israeli Check points to get anywhere - to a wedding, to a family member, to a hospital. They form long queues in the heat. That is when they are not being shelled.

I told them I wanted to go to Israel. They told me I should, when the fighting stops.

Very little warms my heart more than friendships and support which transcend religion and creed. Why can't we all love each other? I stated this, bade my goodbye. I told them that I was agnostic, but God bless them anyway. They said something similar to me, in Hebrew.

This exchange was far more nourishing to my soul than any souvlaki or purchase (though the souvlaki and purchases were very nice).

Patting my dog is very nourishing to my soul also. Hopefully the time my fella is away goes quickly.

What is nourishing your soul at the moment? Nourishing your belly?


  1. What lovely words!

    Right now, hot coffee and cold smoothies are nourishing my belly. A warm crackling fire is nourishing my bones, and knowing that my best friend has brought a tiny human into the world who is going to grow up with strong and inspiring parents while he slowly but surely changes the universe is nourishing to my soul :)

    I would also expect a culinary masterpiece when it comes to $39 fish and chips.

  2. $39 for fish n chips is a bit ridiculous! Your souvlaki looks good though. I lived in Melbourne for a while and I miss the souvlaki! We don't have them where I live. What's happening in Israel/Palestine at the moment is pretty awful. I find patting my dog pretty nourishing for my soul too :-) Always helps calm me if I'm stressed.

  3. those women sound sensible. Nothing worse than being stateless and being bombed non stop. Can you imagine the hell of being in Gaza with little kids and babies right now??? xxx

  4. All those bods who stand on malls and corners heightening awareness, paid a pittance or not are it for me. Even the ratty old Greenpeace koalas, we all bask in the glory when there's a win, but these brave souls wager a tough journey. There's such risk in speaking out.
    Just eaten a cassoulet and banana caramel self saucing pudding. Say no more. Counting blessings. Xx

  5. Wow those women sound incredible. So glad that you stopped to speak to them. If I see any here I would love to talk to them. There's just so much violence in Gaza :(