Sunday, 13 July 2014

Nearly there...

I don't really like the word "busy" - for me, it has too many negative connotations. I feel uncomfortable at the word "busy. It's used too often to shirk quality interpersonal time, or as a badge of superiority.

Having more things to do than usual - that's a bit more descriptive. I feel lucky to have lots to do. The time goes too fast though. I try, however, to smell the roses. Value-add to the day, add some pleasantness to the rat race. A good coffee in the scarce sunshine. Lunch between appointments at a place I've never before visited.

The fella and I are in the throes of moving. Always loads of things to do. It can get a bit stressful. Everyone has to take in their stride at least one thing going wrong (for us, it was a hired professional cleaner doing a crappy job and charging a premium).

I've also had a crook back - not so good a time to have one, with all the bending and lifting required. I am thankful to my trainer that my arms, legs and core are strong; I can squat right down, handle a big box, and stand up without bending. Ability to squat deeply and strongly is super important. I recommend you practice, if you don't already.

But I digress.

My dear friends M and R helped us do some of the initial moving today, as R has a big van. We got quite a lot across to the new house. M and R also got to see our new digs for the first time. They loved the new digs, and their enthusiasm helped us to remember to be excited!

I've already done some important things. Dusted the skirting boards (the Fella gets uptight about such things, I don't notice them). I've unpacked some kitchen utensils, laying out a very logical kitchen arrangement. It would appear that the little lady that owned the house had a bit of a souvenir teaspoon collection; it was left in one of the drawers. Every time I see that sort of thing, I am reminded of my nanna. The box had "Spoons" written on it, in copperplate handwriting. Bless.

The fella and I put our new bed together. It only took us about 25 minutes, and the fella only cussed a few times, and there were no cross words between us. 

The neighbours' cat, whose name I later discovered is Lebowski, paid us a visit while we were unpacking. It just waltzed on in like it owned the joint. I suspect it got feeds and pats from the previous owner.

I do not think Bella will take kindly to Lebowski invading her territory.

Poor little Bella has been a bit confused. She does not know what is going on. Having visited the new digs, we think she will like them - she rolled about on the carpet to make it smell nice, and did some happy laps in her new backyard.

So the actual moving day is on Tuesday. Tomorrow, I have to work. A manic couple of days, followed by what I suspect will be a protracted period of unpacking, trips to Ikea and Bunnings, and imagining renovations.

How was your weekend?


  1. I still haven't moved in properly so I wish you a painless move! It's an exciting time for you and it's going to be home!! The cat will hopefully be gracious and get along eith Bella xx

  2. I won't say, 'You're....BUSY!'. If you can't get everything unpacked over a day of moving in because of work etc. just break things down and do that little bit each day. Cleaning is the pit of the pits. Thinking of you. Xx

  3. So busy! Such exciting times ahead though!
    My weekend was filled with loveliness - a new cafe, yoga, the World Press Photo exhibition, a visit to a milk and cookie bar, a long lunch. Now that I think about it, I did a LOT of eating. Good times.

  4. Hope tomorrow goes smoothly and the settling in well. I'm sure Bella will take to her big new backyard, as will you. That's kind of nice you found teaspoons... When we moved into our first place I just found mountains of empty jack Daniels bottles. In the roof... In the overgrown garden... I filled the recycling bin three weekends in a row to clear it all!

  5. Hope moving day is going well!

    SSG xxx

  6. All the best with the move. Sounds like your taking it in your stride. No doubt Bella will love the new hood once she's better acquainted with the the neighbours x