Sunday, 27 July 2014

To jog, perchance to wine.

Happy Sunday evening to you all.

I spent a lot of the weekend talking myself down from Friday. In retrospect, the tasks (work and non-work) of the last month or so have built up a bit of stress; it's been creeping up on me. I've made a very active effort to de-stress, be mindful, ie stop building up situations in my head that are in all likelihood not going to happen.

A large proportion of what we worry about never actually eventuates, am I right? And if it does eventuate, we deal with it often a lot better than we imagine we will. Or at least, we get through it.

To this end, I did my usual Saturday morning boot camp with my group and trainer. A good bit of sweat builds up a good bit of happy.

The fella then decided we would go for a traipse around the new hood in the drizzle. I put some glad rags on, and we lunched.

Dinner was at a Greek restaurant. If you don't walk out of there without rubbing your inflated belly and murmuring "foooood baby", you aren't doing it right. We did it right.

Today we took the dog for a walk out to a cafe. She is quite difficult to walk on the lead as she pulls and gets overwrought at the sight and smell of other dogs, and has slipped out of her lead and chased cats before. The fella was very stressed out, and I had to be firm and calm with them both.

I had a hipster breakfast. GF bread, avocado, fetta, seeds and asparagus. Was healthy and yum. There was a lemon slice there and did I eat that too? You had better believe it!

We have been doing, to quote Faux Fuchsia, some hard core decluttering.

I went for a jog. Now I can have wine.
Cheers to what will hopefully be a successful week.

Ooooh, speaking of glad rags, I won a dress, which I took possession of this week. It is made by Ann at AudreyLane, and the competition was at the blog of the delightful iCurvy (who I believe is very soon to give birth.


  1. Cilla!!! I love the dress on you! It is really lovely. There's always some sort of carnage when you take dogs out. Pop Bella in a harness to walk and practise the heel command. Hold her up tight to you...don't let her get in front. Don't give up on getting her to heel. Now is the time to tell you....I did dog obedience 3 times, and each time my dog failed the final 'exam'. The trainer was always very kind.
    That's an inspiring brekki. Xxx

  2. Love that dress on you! so feminine, great color and cut. I tried putting seeds on things but I find them annoying...

  3. Three cheers for great weekends after trying weeks.

    I love your frock.

    Must have a hipster brekky one of these days.

    SSG xxx